Posted by: lovediaries | July 1, 2008

SHINee @ SM Showcase 2008

I love you, ringy ♥, for this; but really, this can’t be too good for my health. My poor heart can’t take much badass dancing XDD However, if you find more, don’t hesitate to share <333333

{credit: krabbypattie @ youtube}

This is predebut footage :DD

I actually couldn’t see who was who (I swear I saw three Jonghyun’s, lmao) but afterwards when they started singing I figured it out. It starts off with Key and Taemin (omg they’re so awesome ♥♥♥) and then the other three join in. Minho’s in the blue top (he jumps pretty high in one of the moves), Onew’s in the white shirt with red writing (omg his pants are not attractive) and Jonghyun’s in the grey hoodie + blue shirt.

Tbh, I can’t stand JLo’s ‘Do It Well’. The chorus gives me a headache but the boys are excellent and their dancing was able to distract me. However, what was up with their hair!?!?!?!?!?!?! They had mullets D:

The dancing to Run It is slightly extended, I think? And Jonghyun + Onew sings again. I wish for once they will dance to the entire song and let the others sing too. That would be absolutely awesome :D Anyways, they do this sexy little thing…like not exactly a pelvic thrust but they kinda circle their hips? Or make a circle with their hips? at 2.00 – ITS HOT, OKAY?

If you didn’t watch their performance on SBS Inkigayo, WATCH THIS ONE. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t :D

Oh, and I just want to point out that Key grabs his crotch like 50 million times. He’s so sexy.

*wipes up drool*


  1. You told me that you couldn’t hear Jonghyun and Onew’s Engrish, but you noticed Key grab his crotch? XDDDDD


    I’ve got Chris Brown’s “forever” on repeat, and it’s really bad cos now I can’t remember my French verbs XDDDD IT’S SUCH A CATCHY SONG, OMG.

  2. YOU PERV >:D!!

  3. twinkletoes
    LMAO, what? I’m observant okay? But I’m also deaf!! I didn’t mean to look there. It’s just like when Jae dances his hand goes to funny places … I’m just surprised Key was able to let his hand wander about since his choreography was so intense … *twiddles thumbs*


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