Posted by: lovediaries | July 2, 2008

Box in the Ship Preview

{credit: ⓧmumu at dnbn + une_topaze @ LJ dbsg community}

The other day, I was checking out DBSK’s single ‘Why have I fallen for you’
and I noticed there was another track titled ‘Box in the Ship’

Anyways, I have located a 28 second preview!
You have to be a member of that community in order to listen/download
the track so I’ve re-uploaded it for you all to enjoy ^^ *click here*

It’s really short but really cute. There’s a kinda ‘Under the Sea’ feel and it’s
a happy summer-y song. I rather like it, actually! I would love for them to
film an MV for this dancing with maraccas and hula skirts XDD

Oh and the best part of those 28 seconds would be the part where they
sing box in the ship. Except it sounds more like box in the sheep.
Oh boys, how you make my day.

p.s there have been some technical difficulties with the posting of Teuk’s
bday post. Main one being I’ve had my laptop taken away from me so I don’t
have access to any of my stuff so it’s rather upsetting.
Also, wordpress is being weird on me and cutting my posts =.=”






    this just made my day


  2. LOLOLOLOLLLL!!! That sounded like “BOXIE ON THE SHEEP” The song sounds so happy though. :D

  3. L.O.L. They never fail. EVER. I’m hoping this will be a lovely video in a lovely tropical setting (Hiyaya anyone?) with lots of shirtless (and sweaty!) DongBangs. I’m not even ashamed anymore. I just hope it’s not another “childish” song (a la Together) and used for something silly and non-DBSK thing, like a cartoon. Hello, I want them in all their topless glory on beaches and dripping from dips into the ocean. =DDD I think we would all enjoy that.

  4. Nanshi:
    *nods in agreement*

  5. I hate DBSK’s…record company..thingies..and them!

    New Single..New album..AADBSK1&2..the concert dvds!!
    Oh..and putting different things in different versions???!
    They make such good things..and i want them all!
    I have no money!!!……….*cough* My parents have no money!! topic..

    Sorrrry…no more rant.

    Its really cute, and i really like it..
    I also agree with the beach thingy.
    Mainly because, whenever they shoot at a beach thing, they seem to have more fun.

    Box in the ship..oh..have you guys seen the Miyavi’s Ashita Genki ni Naare MV?

    He pops out of a box..this is what i imagine.
    Jaejoong..popping out of box..dressed as Jack Sparrow!

    Scratch the beach thing!..i want a fun Balloons, with funky outfits..really cute things..but no kids.. ^^

    Thanks for re-uploading it, i saw it on soompi..but those links don’t like me.

  6. PB&J
    rofl, I’m glad the title amuses you so. actually everytime I see the title, I get reminded of “what’s in the box?” did u ever watch that show? i hated it but the song was so catching “whats in the box, in the box. whats in the box today? looking, peeping, what do you say? lets open the box today” XDD


    Omg YES And maybe Changmin can go for a swim and then come back up and shower again like in Hiyaya…best few seconds in the MV ^________^
    Lol I think it sounds better than Together. At least I’m laughing for a good reason xP

    I KNOW! I’m so broke. Not really but I’m saving up for my overseas trip at the end of the yr and omg thers still their O concert to buy, T concert, A wk holiday photobook and this is only in DBSK fandom D:

    OMG YES! I want another balloons MV where they interact with little children :) Omg Yoochun’s little kid last time was the cutest!!!

    Hehe no problem <3

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