Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 3, 2008

DBSK promotes “Weider in Jelly!”

Watch here (dw, it’s a Youtube link)

The video’s subbed, and sooooooo random XD

The boys are promoting the limited edition drink “Energy in Lemon”, the “official” drink of A-Nation 2008.

They’re really good at promoting stuff, I really want to buy the drink now, lmao XDDD I reckon that even if they were promoting dust bunnies, I’d still want to buy some – I’m easily persuaded, okay XD But the Jelly thing seems like a good idea….I like those slurpy jelly bag things, they’re really yummy XD My Chem teacher once called me Jelly, haaaaaa

I love love love Changmin’s reaction to Micky’s “it’s going to be available at A-Nation” line XD LOL HE SHOULD GO INTO ACTING XDDDDDD. It’s great that they’re so enthusiastic about a drink :P

Is it just me or has Jae shrunk….?

Changmin said that there’s going to be a video posted up that will show them during a stretching session…mmm….Dong Bang boys stretching…….

This doesn’t have anything to do with the video, but here’s a super-cute picture of the DBSK boys, from the latest issue of Ray magazine ^^ (The magazine people are against me, they NEVER put the DBSK boys on the months I buy my copies ;________;)

Click to enlarge ^^

They all look so healthy in this!!! And I even don’t mind the blonde tufts *_____* I WANT MORE HEALTHY DONG BANG PICTURES


  1. I think I would buy anything the boys promote xD Changmin’s gasps were so cute :D I like Micky in that bright pinkish red shirt. Do you know what month it’s from?

  2. I think it’s from the August issue ^^

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