Posted by: lovediaries | July 3, 2008

Preorder DBSK – A Week Holiday

A real quick post (because I have 2 trial papers due tomorrow which means 6 hours of doing test papers O.o) BUT DBSK’s new photobook is now preorder-able!!

A Week Holiday: It’s Stylish

A Week Holiday: Camping

Nowhere near as expensive as their Paris one and if you buy the both of them together you get to save AUD$3 !!! YAY !! Coz that’ll make a big difference *rolls eyes*

Anyways gotta fly ~ but both of them are limited editions so if you have the monies ORDER NOW



  1. Haaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy, $3.00 can buy…….an ice cream :D

    I hate the words “limited edition” ;____________;

    ROFL @ “a week holiday: it’s stylish” XDDDDDDD

    Gl with you test~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I’m new here :) Anyway, I’m not really interested in photobooks because I’m such a cheap fan, lolz. I mean, I could download the pics from the internet. Illegal and not helping I know, but I’d rather buy their album than their photobooks, haha …

    ‘It’s Stylish’ is erm … interesting, haha … Koreans are so creative :p

    And, good luck for your test! ^^

  3. jellyjoy
    lol okay fine. or 3 chocolate bars if you wanted ;)

    limited edition means theres gonna be a normal edition and an extra-limited edition as well as an extra-ordinary edition XD basically…not a good sign ;)

    HIII!!! Welcome ~ Lol. Yeah, I don’t own any of DBSK’s photobooks. I find it a complete waste of money…that’s not to say I don’t own any celeb photobooks lol but considering dbsk have a single a mth, you gotta learn to spend your money wisely, right? !!

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