Posted by: beckery | July 3, 2008

Shinhwa’s “Destiny of Love” MV Spot

Credits: fafafawah @ youtube


Its only 46secs, but omg such an awesome 46secs. This has completely made my day!! The song is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking and OMG RELEASE THE SONG OR FULL MV NOW!!!!! The scenes from their concert is making me want the concert dvd aswell =_=

Erics rap *_*  “First thing you left me, the next thing I got nothing..Everything was gone with you” OMG it sounds soooo sad and omg I LOVE THIS MAN’S VOICE!!! Its soooo manly *swoons* and dont worry Eric, I’ll never leave you, NEVER!!!!

Dongwannie ♥_♥ Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE HIM and HIS VOICE!? He sounds really emotional and good and omg I think I hear my heart breaking!!

Hyesung XDDDD I miss youuuuuuuuu!!!! As always, his voice is absolutely breathtaking. <3333

Minwoo!!! I miss you toooooo!!!! <3333 Lol it took me a good 10 minutes to decide if it was minwoo or Hyesung at 27 seconds cuz they sound so alike here o_O Or im just going deaf but Im pretty sure its Minwoo..

AWWWWW at 17secs Minwoo was crying =”( and Dongwan was huggin him <33 I want more MinWan Love!! OMG OMG at 33secs, SHINHWA LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ The concert seriously looks really really really good. So much love and emotions!!! This was a 46 MV spot and I wrote this much, wait till the actual MV comes out =PPPP Except I’ll probably be to busy crying then T_T

I seriously thought I would be fine with them going to the army, cuz its only a few years and while some of them are in the army, I’ll still have Hyesung and the others. But I realise thats not the case. I need all SIX of them cuz 6-1=0!!!!! I need all 6 of them together!!! Eric is enrolling in September/October. I just realised how close that is, only TWO OR THREE MONTHS AWAY!!! OMG I feel like crying. I think I’ll just crawl into my little corner =((((((((((((((

:: Edit ::

Stinegail16 has kindly uploaded the full song so if you want it go to comments. Be sure to drop her a thanks! XDDDD On another note, the song is absolutely beautiful!!!! Their voices are really really lovely. Hahaha yes ok, I’ve only heard it twice but I’m biased, shoot me  =PPP



  1. i put the full song up on megaupload if you wanted it!

  2. ;___________;

    It’s really pretty depressing that we have to wait so long until we see them all together again :(.

    @ stinegail16 –> thanks so much for the song <3!

  3. Stinegail16:
    Thanks for the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m off to go pre-order the album XDDD

  4. stinegail16
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

    I know =_= I think im gonna cry bucket of tears whenever one goes to the army. Its ok though, I’ll wait for them no matter how long it takes XD

    HAHA so you finally decided to get the album hey?!?!

  5. stinegail16 — THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU!!!

  6. stinegail16 – thank you for the song :)
    I’m soo going to get picked on by my sisters especially when I start crying .. oh well I love this no matter what they say
    dammit knew I should have waited before ordering the dvd, they’ll probably repackage the concert oh well off to go order this – sigh – more money down the drain lol

  7. babiegel
    AWWW *hugs* Its alright we can cry together XDDD I cant wait for the MV to be out, concert clips!!! And more tears T_T But all worth it right?!?! What DVD did you order?

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