Posted by: potensvita | July 3, 2008

Stand Up People… PV?

I had just made a quick stop at the CSJH the Grace thread at soompi and was surprised (pleasantly) that the Stand Up People (SUP) PV is out.

Can’t talk much now, but will be back later.

Credit :marmarisbacc @youtube

Apparently, this is not the full PV. hum……………………. ok. ^^

Why don’t you guys tell me what you think? ^^

Oh, yeah,

About BoA, she had finally finish her 20 tours in Japan for The Face. During the whole tour, she didn’t meet with any trouble aside from the leg injury she had earlier in the beginning of the tour. She had her parents coming for the last tour and WISE which had rapped in one of the songs in The Face, was guest starring in her last tour. ^^

Edit : to watch the full PV.

click here.

Credit : Taohermione @ youtube


  1. Whaat? How long is the PV suppose to be then? Lol anyways I’m loving this PV of theirs. Their one of my favorite groups of all time, too bad they don’t get that much promotion :( I can’t wait for their album to drop

    Damn they’re soo pretty in here & I’m loving what Lina is wearing :) Stephanie’s rap was XD hehe well I can’t wait to see the rest of this :)

  2. …This isn’t the entire PV?

    If not, I don’t think I’ll last throughout their full PV, because I found this part of their PV kinda boring. I mean, their outfits were superb and I LOVE their hair, but … there’s got to be MORE to this PV than dancing around, yes (not that they aren’t fantastic dancers – fantastic enough for me to actually want to apply for a gender-change XD)?

    In any case, I absolutely LOVE Stephanie’s hair. It’s gorgeous. I actually think she’s the epitome of a HEALTHY, gorgeous young Korean lady. I mean, she’s not the thinnest and she’s not exactly what you’d call lady-like (save for her dancing, of course), but she doesn’t really care and she flaunts all she has, which is TOTALLY ATTRACTIVE. Plus, I think she’s the one female celebrity you can trust NOT to get any thinner, and I really hope she doesn’t, because really, her body’s absolutely full and voluminous and enviable and I love her. <3

    And props to Sunday for her voice. I’m so used to her soprano, innocent, pure voice that I was taken by surprise when she started singing in a low pitch. And I’ve heard her sing at that pitch before, so I had no reason whatsoever TO be surprised, but usually, her voice is ridiculously distinguishable from those of the other girls.

    Erm, don’t hate me, but I found this song to be … nothing special. Of course, I LOVE the girls, and I usually LOVE their choice of songs to sing, but I found myself wishing for this song to be over as soon as possible. And as Beckery mentioned, Steph’s rap was ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;. Still though, their voices were FJHDJFHADFJKDHFJH SO NICE, and I wish I had half their singing power/good looks. XDDDDD

    And usually, it takes me a couple of listens to start praising a song non-stop. Case in point: DBSK. I started off LOVING “Beautiful You”, but started hating it a couple of listens later. Meanwhile, I found Yunho’s “Crazy Life” TERRIBLE at first, but I now LOVE IT. So, you know, I’m really not a good measure of judgement. XDDD

  3. Ooooh, NOT beckery. I meant babiegel. My bad. Hehe. <3

  4. babiegel
    ^^. I am just excited that they are coming up with something. haha. but the thing is ……………. I am not that excited about the song …. or the PV. I like the clothes and the music and how well it can powerfully portray their voice. But I can’t get a close up when they dance in those gold outfit. it was burred .. for me. I still like them though, but i am glad that you are happy that they are coming up with something, nevertheless.

    I shared the same sentiment as you. The song is good, I might like it after a few more hears… but the PV ….. haha… needs more close up. But I love the clothes stephanie had on. I really think that they are a respectable girl group. Do you like Stephanie the most? i really adore her. You should see me fangirling over her in my older post. ^^

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