Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 3, 2008

Suju’s “1st Premium Event” merchandise

Pictures: Suju’s Baidu

These will be sold at their Japanese Fan Meet (1st Premium Event) which should be happening sometime soon…I think XD *fails as a fan*

I’m not sure why they’re using the plane as a logo…maybe to symbolise that they’re a Korean band, and that they had to fly on a plane to get to Japan? IDK it’s too early in the morning for me to think straight XD

I really want one of those phone lanyard things, it’s so cute! I wouldn’t mind the t-shirt, except my friends have already told me that I’d be disowned if I ever wear any sort of celebrity t-shirt XDDD

These things aren’t quite as creative as the stuff from their Super Show (I think they even sold Suju pencils and pens) but it’s a nice collection…..just one I’ll never be able to get my hands on :'((((

And yes, this is Pinkandsparkly here ^^ I’m back from my unannounced hiatus, haha XDD We’ll have Leeteuk’s b-day post up today…I think…. We couldn’t post it on the actual day cos the Australian Government shut down all internet connection in an attempt to catch an escaped convict who was using WordPress to send coded messages to his gang and all the Australian authors here diligently switched off the computers so we could aid the government in catching a  wanted criminal and the prime minister gave us all medals of bravery (whew, long sentence XD)

And I had my final exam the next day, and Candychu didn’t have her laptop yesterday. XDDDD


  1. hey i’m first? :P haha. aww mann, i want that shirt and is that a cellphone thingy? xP i want that too. ;_; only in japan? i hope they decide to sell it on YA or something. :D

  2. You’re fast, I just posted this a few minutes ago :DD

    Yup, it’s a cellphone strap….I think….

    YA never stocks concert/fanmeet merchandise :'(((

  3. You’re back, hooray <3333333333333333333. I hope your exams went well!!

    I rly wish I could get my hands on concert merchandise :'(. I think yesasia stocked some Big Bang concert stuff before, but it sold out really quickly. It sold out before I even got a chance to log into yesasia to look, lmao.

  4. wow. they shut down the interwebz? wow @_@

    anway. MERCHANDISE! gah. I’m watching Super Show in Bangkok next week and I am anticipating losing all my monies in exchange for the merchandise there. I think the Fan Meet is on July 7 or 8? (apparently I failz too lmao).

    these look effing gorgeous. i hate SM >.<

  5. awww. =( Lol. & fast to comment, & late to respond. T_T hehe. haww, shucks. :( ohh well, we’ll just have to go to JAPAN then! ^_^ haha.

    i wishh… ;_;

  6. Congrats for finishing exams :] I normally don’t like plain black t-shirts, but it’s an exception if it has “Super Junior” written on it and all the names of the members written on the back :D.

  7. Sounds like you have had quite a week! Congrats on being done, and the bravery metal! ;) LOL

    I still say you get the t-shirt! Just wear it under sweaters so they cannot see, or as pjs! haha I really want to get DBSK socks. I know I am just about the stupidest person, but OMG I really feel a need to get them. =( Just like I would be walking and there they are, and then I am sitting, OH still there! It would kind of make my life.

    I agree that the Super Show was more creative. I find the bag in this one really nice though. I think the fan should only have thirteen support things or something, because I really do not get at all the meaning of that expect colour.

    BTW, the event is July 8th so pretty soon! But apparently Kibum cannot go because of his drama. T-T

  8. My friend will go to the fan meeting, and I’m so dead jealous of her! She didn’t even know that they is gonna be a fan meeting when she planned on going to Japan! SO LUCKY!! I gotta tell her to get me one of those merchandise, anything would be fine :p

  9. Spazzes:
    You know what, SM should open their own online store. They make enough stuff to fill one O________O

    WHAT. YOU’RE GOING TO SUPERSHOW? ;________________;

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will go… day….maybe… XD

    I like the shirt, but I think I prefer their Super Show ones, cos the cartoon thingies looked soo cuuuute :DD

    Lol, but then my mum would tell me off for wasting money on a t-shirt I’d only wear as PJs XDDD


    8th of July? Wow, that is soon! Booooo, that means we won’t get all 13 boys then :(((

    Minnie Susu Luv:
    Omg, that’s such a good coincidence! Awww, now you’ll get to have something from the fanmeet :(


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