Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 4, 2008

Suju and SHINee’s M!Countdown interaction

Watch here (It’s a Youtube video)

Thanks Beckery, for the link X3

This is so cute, and SO RANDOM.

The SHINee boys are in one of the SM practise rooms (I’m pretty sure, cos of the clouds in the background) and Shindong and Eunhyuk magically appear XD. SHINee introduces themselves, and omg, THEIR VOICES ARE SO HIIIIGH ;_________; Lol, my Korean friend’s already given me a lecture on “fangirling babies” rofl (even though I’m actually the same age as one of them =.=). They neeeeeed fake birthdays.

Ooops, got sidetracked. ANYWAY, Shindong and Eunhyuk magically appear (Shindong’s hairstyle will never fail to make me laugh; does his shirt remind anyone else of barbeque sauce? cos that what it reminds me of XDDD) and they talk to the SHINee boys (no subs) but lol @ Jonghyun’s smile :DDD

Shindong and Hyuk then demonstrate how to do that guy “let’s bump our chests together” thing (what’s up with that, btw? it’s like a special “boy” handshake) and ROFL, SHINDONG KNOCKED EUNHYUK OVER XDDDD YOU MUST WATCH THAT PART (0:46) IT’S THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER XDDDD Shindong then bumps Owen, Key, and Taemin (gently) and Eunhyuk gets up and teaches them how to tap dance (that’s what it looked like, okay XD).

Onew and Minho then do improvs (not sure who they’re mimicking) but Onew’s expression, lmao XD. Taemin, Shindong and Eunhyuk did some sort of dance, and omg, TAEMIN LOOKED LIKE SUCH A CUTE LITTLE GIRL XDDDD I reckon it’s cos he had his arms pressed up against his chest; and the hair of course. DARN IT SM, GET THAT BOY TO A HAIR SALON.

Ooo, and in the end Shindong and Hyuk danced to Replay ^^


  1. ROFLMAO SHINee are absolutely adoooorrrabbleee here and awkward in a endearingly way <333 and Hyuk and Shindong are just absolutely FAILURES at being sunbaes =_= LOL

    HAHAHAH the “bump chest part” was HILARIOUS!!! Hyuk seriously FLEWWWW away like *whooosh* out of the screen.And the sound effects he made were just ROFL!!!! I think for that part, Hyuk and Shindong were “trying” to teach them about “reaction” hhaha I heard them say “reaction” but durno =SSS..Ok, I was trying to be a smart ass but it didnt work. Haha so much for detective investigation. I have no idea what they’re doing cuz the boys are just downright weird here XDDDDDDDDDDD OMG when they introduced Crown J’s “Too much”, they did the “A” thing that Crown J always does LOLOL.

  2. Did you notice the music they played every time Eunhyuk & Shindong appeared??! It sounded like what they put on a cartoon when the character tries some stupid plan that is doomed to fail! & THEY ARE JUST SO FAIL! I adore it. Everytime they appear Jonghyun has the most awkward smile also!

    I just think Super Junior can make anyone appear completely normal. Even Onew doing his very cool singing impersonation seemed normal to Eunhyuk’s dancing.

    And they jumped when Minho had his NG! OMG They are so funny, right away they popped up! I am surprised when he get it right they did not jump up again and pat him on the back or something LOL.

    I loved how they attempted the Nuna dance at the end! I really wish I could see Eunhyuk do it properly. I love when he dances! :D I have been dying to hear him rap “Circus” by MC Mong to! Maybe on Sukira? plzkthx.

  3. AH! Hyukjae!!
    They are all so cute together!
    Ahaha! Lucky for me..Taemin is the only one younger than me!
    They are so cute!

    I want to see them together more often..

    &&&as weird as it sounds..i want to get bumped by Shindong too..
    Its honor.

    I bet they felt honored. ^^

    Shindong…his hair.
    What is up with all these damn stylists?

    SHINee..dress sooo good…Taemin..please..put your hair up!
    He looks older, so i’m sure it would makes us feel a lot better for liking him.

  4. Beckery:
    I have no idea who Crown J is, cos I’m a Kpop noooooooooooooob :PPP

    Don’t you love it when you think they say/sing English/Korean, but then when you read the lyrics, it’s actually Korean/English? XDDD I get that with DBSK songs ALL THE TIME.

    I blame it on their terrific Engrish pronunciation :P

    Lol, Suju definitely have the talent to make people appear normal XD

    I want Suju/DBSK/Shinee, to do a special stage together!!!! They can do each other dances, and it will be so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

    They’re ALL younger than me =______=

    Hahahahaha, I want to poke Shindong’s tummy XDD

    Taemin needs to get rid of his bowl cut, it’s absolutely necessary.

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