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Taemin after school + Mnet M! Countdown

{credit: tinkerbellola + alchelsenior @ SHINee Forums; Bestiz; shinee-ing}


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Fans are speculating the pics are either from inside the SM building or their apartment. Which is kinda creepy because if it’s the latter, it means they have located their home. Actually they found their home a while ago coz I remember seeing pics of Onew and Key leaving their apartment. ANYWAY, so Taemin is still in his uniform and looking very very cute <33

Also, the other 4 aren’t intentionally wearing matching clothes. They then had to go Mnet M! Countdown and OMG KEY HAS A DIMPLE. A DIMPLE!!!! And I like those even more than protruding adam apples :DDD *MORE HAPPY SQUEALING*

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  1. Awwww thats soooo cute!!! Taemin is one lucky boy getting picked up at school by his hyungs. Would they like to pick up this noona from uni??!?! XDDDD HAHA And omg I see Taeyang in the bottom picture!!!

    I would like drop dead on the pavement from JOY.
    Lol I’m not good at recognising BB people except for Seung Ri and Top. But now that you mention it, I do believe Taeyang is there XD

  3. omg, omg, i can’t see the picture… >.<
    omg, omg, i want to see it!!!
    what school does taemin go to???

  4. ^really? The pictures are there…are you capped? Maybe thats why they’re not loading. Lol I would have noooo idea what school Taemin goes to XD

  5. … I do not like Minho’s green top. He looks so uptight! What kid now even wears his shirt all buttoned up? CAN HE EVEN BREATHE?!

    Taemin looks like such a little baby. If I saw them walking down the street I would for sure think he was just a little brother of someone or something. But then he gets on stage and bursts it out!! I like how even just walking they can all look hot/cute/posey. I would be like chewing gum with my mouth open and half-tripping with a strain on my shirt. LOL Okay I am not that bad but I am for sure not at their level.

    & Yay to the dimple! <33333

  6. ^ROFL that’s what my friend said about Minho! Except she used another term in chinese which is also used to describe some man who sits with his foot up, picking his toes with a toothpick in his mouth while reading the newspaper. And Minho is totally not that!!!! lol

    Ahaha a little brother of something XD ROfl, that made me laugh.
    Ooh there have been MORE photos of them after school. Well Minho was in a white shirt anyway and he was carrying mentos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re so cute *coos at screen*

    Hehe and dimples are absolutely AWESOME <33

  7. yep, I want to know too that which school Taemin go to ?????????

    Tell me plsssssss

  8. ^Er, I really don’t know. But they recently showed a picture of his school on their appearance on that gag show lol.

  9. never mind ^^ thx for reply me .

    I think this uniform so cute ^^

  10. uh! I have another thing.

    I want to see one clip.

    It’s clip

    FANCAM] SHINee TaeMin On The Way Back From School

    I’m finding

    Do u have it ???

  11. ^Have you tried youtubing it? Maybe the video has been removed. No, I don’t have it. Those fancams sorta scare me a little so I usually don’ twatch them ^^”

  12. ok never mind ,thx so much ^^

  13. ^No problem :)

  14. omGEEEEEE~~~ that’s totally absolutely so cute… taemin, picked up by his hyungs from school, still with him wearing his school uniform… is that for real?? i mean, for his schoolmates/classmates, does taemin has any?? or what?? how sweet hyungs are… =]

  15. ^Of course Taemin has classmates lol. He mentioned in an interview that when classmates ask for a photo/autograph, he always feels happy ^^

  16. tae min so cute<<<< :0)

  17. ><
    aaahhhh ~

  18. ohmygoshhhh taemin is very cuteee~~

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