Posted by: lovediaries | July 4, 2008

Who’s the Redhead?

 {credit: as tagged; baidu; joomi @ tpf; mylujulie @ soompi}

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It’s actually not that hard to guess but I’ll be cool and put the answer behind the cut anyway ~

It’s JAEJOONG !!!!

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Jae’s the sort of person that can pull off almost anything so I’m liking it. Kinda. Maybe. Yeah, probably. Except he looks like a total girl. A hot girl. But nonetheless, a girl XD



  1. Ohh that was super cool! LOL Actually it did make me happy. :DDD This should be the quizzes in school. I would be top 5%.

    I feel like Jaejoong always looks like a girl when he is in the different shades. Like standard black and blonde did him fine. But that light brown and now this off red seem to make him more feminine. I think the blonde highlighted his face very well and made it seem sharper, thus more manly. And the black was just natural so even if he did seem girly it was not that noticeable. He was more referred to as cute.

    Everyone is giving their opinions of Jae’s hair. I heard some people say short and spiky. Ummm no. Can you imagine Jae gino style?! I would die inside. I do hate the box cut they are going though. AND OMG during T when they did that one flick of hair that was always up. It is just so unnecessary. Imagine the first time he got it!

    Jaejoong: Oh! We are done!! Thank you.
    Hairdresser: Wait, I need to flick this piece up.
    Jaejoong: Ummm…that is… nice.. I am sure that looks like it happened by itself.
    Hairdresser: I own you.

    BTW, I do not think his blue pants where helping him seem more manly either.

  2. Ah Jaejoongie~~ my very first Kpop obsession :) When I saw the picture before seeing the rest of the entry I was immediately like “Woah! Red hair!!” I think it looks good on him, but… yes, I totally agree that he looks like a girl…ish…*A*

  3. An emo girl.

  4. LOL!

    Ah..Jae never ceases to amaze me.

    Oh! Alternative title..Who’s the one with the Michael Jackson pants?
    Ah…bad joke.

    Hey…his hairs a like 1 shade lighter than mine.

    I realllly wonder how their stylist dresses..

    Do you think Jae picked out those pants on his own?
    It sure looks like it.
    Such a dork. XD

  5. AHH! lol, i heard he had new hair but i couldn’t find pics Lol. xP It’s like Junsu’s rising sun hair-color. The redness.

    And i think he borrowed those pants from SHINee. LOL. xD

    =] I wonder how many more hairstyles can he work! ;)

  6. haha omg yea so true! maybe he got them from SHINee’s wardrobe since they’re both from SM lol! imagine if he wore Jonghyun’s PINK skinnies :D whoa whoa~

  7. ringy
    I KNOW eh! I totally rock at asian trivia questions. Like ask me the name of the character so and so played in so and so series and I’ll be able to give you like the entire family history or whatever on the character! Too bad there’s no subject like “celebrity studies” T_T

    yes! like wen he had the brown bob..I think pinkandsparkly said he looked like a blythe doll? and omg please no. if he has short and spiky hair I will pee my pants lol. Maybe for a fashion shoot, I’ll be able to put up with it…but lmao imagine if Jae had Chun’s hair from FITB XDD

    Lol your comments always crack me up <33

    lol cute username ;) look at his legs. it shouldnt be allowed for a guy to have skinny legs XD

    an emo girl with red hair. i like :)

    Oooh really? Is your hair naturally the colour it is? ^^ Lol I have a feeling he did pick out those pants himself xP

    ahh yes. I didnt like Junsu’s RS hair though. The fringe was weird. Omg I hope everyone got a new hair-do !!!

    lol bright skinnies are in, I bet ;)

  8. L.O.L. I love how you’re like, “We all know who this is, but we’re STILL going to play, okay?!” I wasn’t very happy went he went brunette and I’m even more disappointed that he went red, but I think it has everything to do with the cut; after all, if it was in blonde or black, I think he would still look JUST as girly. He is definitely working out more to overcompensate. Didn’t Jae mention once that he works out so much so that people won’t mistake him for a girl? Don’t worry, Jae. You’re still 100% male in my book.

  9. Even from his figure I already knew that that’s Jaejoong :D His figure is so … him ^^ The platinum blonde is still the number one shocking for me, somehow. The other ones, I was like, “Eh … Still not as shocking as the platinum blonde.” xDD New hair colour or style from DBSK? Expect that from Jaejoong, or Yoochun (which in most cases, erm … nu-uh). Clothes, Jae, clothes *sigh* He looks like he’s going to disco or something, no offense :) And for the girl part, for me, no matter what hair colour he has, he always has this feminine side to his face xDD He looks like a boob-less girl who goes to the gym way too much, lol. But when is Jae not hot anyway? ^^

  10. droooollss~ i love his wide masculine shoulders…. >.<

  11. nanshi
    hehehe ofcourse ^.^ really? I didnt mind when he went brunette and had like 2 lighter streaks but it was his hairstyle that I didn’t really like…he rly did look too much like a doll. Except now he has the exact same style XD

    OMG ROFLMAO XDD HE does look like a boob-less girl. Omg if he had moobs that would be terrible DD: I loved the platinum blonde <3 But I feel as if everytime Jae has a good style, he sticks with it for centuries…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess ;)

    Lol the only manly thing about him atm, anyway xPPP

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