Posted by: potensvita | July 4, 2008

YounHa made a short appearance

To those who had missed her.



She had wrote a song for AJOO (I have no sentiments for him) and was featured in his MV – Paparazzi. Well, she had definitely grown up with the long hair and the fantastic cloths. ^^

Maybe after I downloaded the MV, I will make a few screencap for her. ^___________^ She is so cute. ^^

Credit : SMarie7 @ youtube

EDIT : YOUNHA was also in his performance. hahaahahaha….. after so long. I am going to download it ………… just for younha.

credit : beastlair @youtube


  1. yay~~ i missed her!! i wonder how she did in japan.. i do believe she was in a movie! right?

    but her english pronunciation is excellent!!!

    hmmhm, but about ajoo, he’s not that bad at singing live and dancing at the same time! very impressed.

  2. yonheet55
    but he reminded me of SHINee even though he is their senior. Anyway, I will check him out. ^^
    I think she was in a movie too but I am not sure whether it is out or not. haha.

  3. I don’t know what took me so long to get into her music, but I finally did and I think she’s a goddess <3. So talented <333.

    And she looks beautiful in the music video too. Catchy song!


    Actually, I watched the MV like 5 times yesterday, cos I couldn’t get over how hot she looked. Honestly, I completely forgot about Ajoo and totally focused on Younha instead. XDDDDDDDD

    But yeah, she SHOULD grow her hair out long, cos it looks really nice on her. :) And she’s had short hair for SO LONG now, it’s only fitting that she venture out into longish hair territory.

    Ajoo … needs a new hairstyle. XDDDDDDDDDDDD Bowl cuts are so … passe. Not to mention, unattractive.

    I should know – I had one for seven years. XDDDDDD

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