Posted by: lovediaries | July 5, 2008

SHINee Special Time

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

I should be getting ready for a party and I’m youtubing =.=” I really need to learn to prioritise XDD

But yay!!! Their Special Time video has been subbed (is it just me, or does the title sound kinda…suggestive?) ^^””

I love how at the start they each say a little something but when the camera pans to Minho, it rises a little XDD

So in order to ‘reward’ us fans for showing our love and support, SHINee’s gift is to dance to Replay while in their studio. And it’s pretty awesome because rehearsal videos are the only time you really get to see the entire dance from a front on view, yes? Like 3.38-3.40 is the COOLEST 2 seconds EVER but I’ve never seen it before O.o It’s like a canon where from right to left (my POV) they each strike a pose. ITS SO COOL.

Taemin is so cute with his plays-around-with-camera-only-to-realise-it-was-already-on face. But we all know they’re just fooling around ;) At 2.53 Taemin just crouches in front of the camera and I want to pat him coz he’s a little 14 yr old boy with squinty eyes and a big smile :DDD Then from 4.50-4.56, Minho starts serenading me ^__________^

The best thing about this choreography is their ability to slide in and out of formation with just a few steps. I think that’s what makes them look so coordinated because it just looks great!!!!! Sometimes I worry, though. I think they’re going to kick each other or trip over each other’s legs XD Throughout this video I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen lol. Unfortunately nothing did ;)

Also be sure to watch til the very end. Taemin makes a ♥ with his hands but it’s the FUNNIEST thing because he squats while doing so and…its funny xDD


  1. Oh so cute! I love rehearsal vids.^^ Suggestive? No, that’s just you lol. (Has disposed of her pedo brain.)
    Taemin needs to hand over some of that 14 yr old energy(and cuteness.) I’ll trade you candy!
    Also, at 3:17 Onew does trip over Key so you’re right to worry. Thank goodness they haven’t had a train wreck onstage though.O.o

  2. ^lol noooooooooo…I’m sure there will be others who think like me…at least I hope so xDDD

    Lol yeah, that was actually what made me worry but I didn’t know if he actually did trip or if it just looked like he tripped :S

    Hehe but I think about the vid of Minho stacking it and LMAO there was a massive THUNK coz he might’ve fallen on his mic or something and it came out in the sound system? I think…

  3. Ah i completely LOVED that!
    In the beginning, when they first came out, i thought they were going to be this young boy band that i was going to want to kick repeatedly..
    But i really love them!

    They dance..incredibly well..its just amazing!
    And there wardrobe is…tacky. XD

    I love rehearsal vids, its the only time you see the whole dance, and not just there upper half!

    I was also expecting one of them to fall..
    They are so cute.

  4. ^yeah I doubted their ability in the beginning too but now I’m completely proven wrong. I hope SHINee win many awards at the end of the year !!!

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