Posted by: beckery | July 5, 2008

Shinhwa’s “Destiny of Love” MV

Credits to wenyili @ youtube


I just read what I wrote last night and I sounded like a completely insane, retarded, emotional fangirl, which I’m not most of the time. I’m more logical than that, thus I’m starting from scratch again XDDDD So lucky for those who saw my insane fangirl side hahaha… 

I’m going to attempt what Candychu did with the “One Love” MV cuz it seemed like she had alot of fun and I never say no to fun lol. So here goes my rambling nonsense:

The Mv starts of with the audience singing Once in a lifetime to Shinhwa.Absolutely beautiful. Words can’t describe how awesome it was…..boys are huddled in the middle of the stage XDDD..backstage scenes….omg hiiii MINWOOOOO..wooow they have those rising platform things and the boys look like hot gangsters in their black shiny raincoats ROFL…sexy sexy men in sexy white suits sitting on sexy chairs *drools*~omg it looks like they’re performing TOP!!!…Hyesung looks hot in white <333..behind the scenes~~~ omg omg they’re practicing dancing awww they look cute in normal clothes ^^ HAHAH DONGWAN YOU BIG DORK!!! LOL Eric and Junjin what are you guys doing!??! HAHAHA sooo cutteeee…WOW rotating chair in the middle of the stage O_O Awwww their doing “putting hands in the middle together” thing~~~ SHINHWA POWER!!!!! MINWOO’S CRYING!!! T_T and Dongwans hugginggggg him <33333 Hahaha Wannie looks like a big kid running omg you cuttiiieeee…..they’re running like aeroplanes hahaha.. now they’re playing tag around the circle on stage hahaha…HIII JUNJIN!!!! Awwww Baby Andy looks adorable in that suit <3333 Dongwans smile ♥_Awww they have little kids wearing orange on stage. Pretty sure its for they’re My Prayer performance…Erics smile *_* ~~ THEIR FAMOUS SHINHWA HAND THING!!! Hyesung looks like his singing his heart out XDDD AWWW DONT CRY ANDY!!!! Omg he looks like his crying bucketloads =(((( OMG Minbong’s solo dance=hot hot hawwtttt…HAHA it looks like someones holding a hose and spraying water at the audience o_O..hehe Eric and Wan are holding hands..ohhh they’re bowing to the audience…GROUP HUDDLE!!! OH GOSH the sea of ORANGE balloons is beautiful…Minwoo’s talking now…SARANG HAE YO SHINHWA!!! They’re crying, fans are crying, I’m crying =”(( URINUN SHINHWAMIDA!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yes I did cry, despite how much I tried to not. Its cuz Im a sook. Couldnt help it. Once the MV started with the fans singing, I couldnt help but get teary and start crying. Shinhwa Changjo (or as Shinhwa calls them, the Orange Princesses XDDD) are amazing. The love, the dedication, the loyalty they have for Shinhwa is ♥♥♥♥♥♥  The MV is really really touching, sweet, emotional, depressing, and beautiful. But OMG THEY HAVE TO RELEASE THAT CONCERT DVD NOW!!!!

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