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Smile Again MV – I L♥VE Asia Project

“We will be with you, hold our hands and stand up, stand up again, we anticipate seeing your smiles again.”

Credit to mnet&oceans&shinhwabiz

Watch the MV *here*

The I L♥VE ASIA project is a collaboration between JYP and Jackie Chan to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China. I thought the song was really touching and inspiring.  The MV mostly shows the singers, but theres some clips of the of the earthquake and its really really sad. I put the translations below the cut.

I’m not really familiar with my Korean singers, cuz I’m mostly into boybands lol. But I was surprised cuz I recognised most of the artistes that contributed, which means most of them are pretty much A list stars XDDDDD

And Jackie Chan did sing Korean (1.30min) which sounded a bit funny to me, but hey its Jackie Chan and I LOVE THAT MAN!!! His soooo awesome ♥♥ And since I’m completely biased, Dongwan sings and looks really hot in the “I L♥VE ASIA” shirt at 1.44. Followed by Kim Ah Joong, which is the actress in 200 Pounds Beauty. If you havent watched the movie, you should try it out, it was actually pretty good. For some reason she didn’t sound that good here, but I’ve heard better from her. Then OMG  Hyesung *_* does an amazing job starting at 2.02 <3333 Followed by Son Ho Young, then Kim Tae Hee (which is an awesome actress cuz she made me completely HATE HER in Stairway to Heaven , cuz she was the evil girl haha). Although they dont have individual scenes, you can see in the group scenes that theres also Wonder Girls, Battle and some other artistes…

Translation into English <credit to>

<Jo SungMo> How much it must hurt / Really very difficult it’ll be
<Clazziquai> In the heart of darkness / There isn’t even a streak of light
<Park YongHa> The heart hurts so much / You can’t even cry
<NaReuShya, Kan MiYeon> Don’t know where you will go / You wander around and sink down

<ALL>I’ll be on your side / We’ll do it together
I’ll give you my hand / Grab my hand and rise.
Until the tears dry out
My shoulder you can count on / To rest and rise again
I will wait for your smiling face.

<Jackie Chan> Even though you look around / You cannot see any hope
<Hwang JeongMin, ChaeYeon> This long darkness / Seems like it will not end
<Kim DongWan> Each day each day is very / Long and hard though you feel
<Kim AhJoong> No strength to even rise / You sink down in the same spot

<ALL><Shin HyeSung>I’ll be on your side / We’ll do it together
I’ll give you my hand / Grab my hand and rise.
Until the tears dry out
<Son HoYoung> My shoulder you can count on / To rest and rise again
I will wait for your smiling face.

<Kim TaeHee> Don’t forget / Every time it’s difficult and you’re exhausted
<Han HyeJin> I am here / Right behind you.
<Jeon HyeBin> You’re not alone / I’m right here beside you
<Im JeongHee> Cause I’ll always be here for U

<ALL><Im JeongHee,WheeSung> I’ll be on your side / We’ll do it together
<SunYe, WheeSung> I’ll give you my hand / Grab my hand and rise.
Until the tears dry out
My shoulder you can count on / To rest and rise again
I will wait for your smiling face.

<ALL><Park JinYoung> I’ll be on your side / We’ll do it together
<Jang NaRa> I’ll give you my hand / Grab my hand and rise.
Until the tears dry out
My shoulder you can count on / To rest and rise again
I will wait for your smiling face.

<Kim YeonAh> I will wait for your smiling face.


  1. I SEE BAE SEUL GI <333

  2. I’ve had the hugest crush on Jackie Chan since..i was little XD

    These lyrics are just so touching.
    I still think about the earthquake really hard.
    It just hits me really hard.

    I’m so glad there doing this, a lot of stars are doing things like this and donating.

    Thanks for the link!!

  3. Hey I havent been in here since who knows!
    Thanks for the link..
    Really touching T__T

    But I cant help but fangirl on Jackie at times XD I LOVE THAT GUY 8D, and so does my mum..

    And this song completely moved me to add “I L♥VE ASIA” in my msn name : DDD

  4. Hum…………………..
    I like this MV. When it comes to this kind of MV, I realised that people come together in the time of need.
    thanks. ^^

  5. jelly baby
    Funny that you mentioned Bae Seul Gi cuz my friend was just fanboying her this morning when he watched her “One More Time” Special Stage performance hahaha.. She’s soooo pretty and I loved her in Love Letter <333

    Lol thats soo cute..I dont really have a huge crush on Jackie, but I really really like him cuz he seems soo nice and funny XD Yea, the earthquake affected alot of people. All we can do is hope and pray for the victims and their family <3

    Awww thats so sweet of you to put “I L♥VE ASIA” on your msn *gives you a lolly* haha and yes I think everyone has a little bit of Jackie Chan love in their body cuz his so awesome XDD

    My pleasure, glad you liked it XD I really like these MV’s too cuz its really touching <33 I hope they can raise alot of money to help the victims.

  6. Lol, I watched it before I read your post, and when i got to 1:44, I didn’t recognise Dongwan *fails* and though, omg that guy has such a good voice XD Nothing against Dongwan though, cos I didn’t recognise Heysung, either XDDDD

    I think it’s REALLY REALLY AWESOME of JYP to do this for the Chinese people affected by the earthquake, he just earned himself some major brownie points ^__^

    I want to buy one of those t-shirts….

  7. ^ LOL I think I should give you more Dongwan clips to watch =PPPP I mean, you gotta be able to recognise my future husband cuz what if I end up inviting you to my wedding HAHAHA XDDDDD But YESH!! His voice is love <333

    OMG I want one of those shirts too!! Except Im not sure where I would wear it cuz if my friends saw it, they would probably give me a never ending lecture on what clothes you should and shouldnt wear =_=

    I think JYP, Jackie Chan and all the artistes who participated deserve brownie points, except of course Dongwan, cuz he deserves a big kiss and hug from me hehe

  8. I definitely go to you and Dongwan’s wedding, cos then I could chat up Hyesung XDDD

    Lol, my friends are used to me and my weird shirts. I always wear a shirt that says “I <3 Me” which looks the same as the “I <3 NY” ones, same font/colour and everything XDDD

    The girls in this sounded really good, like my girl Sunye <3333 I’m gonna go look up Battle now…

  9. I’ll marry Bae Seul Gi then ^^
    LOL JKS. I just wanna be cool and join in this convo 8D

  10. HAHAHAHA sorry but hyesung and oh um eric, minwoo, did i mention junjin? and oh andy are ALL TAKEN BY ME!!! XDDD I’m kinda keeping them as my lovers so yea sorry, cant share =PPPP Do i sound greedy? Cuz if u say no, I’m just gonna umm list another 10 names to be my lovers including of course, Hyukjae lol

    Yea and you told me about your “I <3 Me” tshirt, no actually, I had that on my dp and you said you were wearing that shirt that day hahaha. I really want one too!!

  11. Hahahah your already cool hunny!! Yea you’ll marry Bae Seul Gi in another million years *scoff* You like boys too much too turn lez =PPP

  12. You like boys too much too turn lez
    And girls don’t have what boys have.


    Boy feet.
    Duh. Lol what were you thinking ;)

  13. HAHAHA i laugh every time i hear jackie chan singing, but hey, he’s not bad HAHA
    omg i keep going back to watch the part with kim dong wan *________*

  14. ^ LOL yea it did sound a bit awkward to me, but did you know Jackie is actually a singer?! His got like heaps of albums released O_O So I guess its just the korean that made it sound weird haha.

    YES YES YES!!! Dongwan is ABSOLUTELY LOVE hehe I think by now everyone knows how much I love this guy XDDDDDD

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