Posted by: beckery | July 6, 2008

ShinNa Young Gunz MV

No, you didnt read wrong and no, I didnt type wrong. Its not SHINee or Shinhwa I’m talking about, its ShinNa XDDDDThey’re a group of Korean High School Boys that did a parody of Shinhwa’s song “Young Gunz” (which is actually one of my first favourite Shinhwa song) and gosh they did it so well. Its hilarious and very very well made!! The timing, the setting, the hand gestures, the facial expressions, everything was exactly like the orginial MV. When I say everything, I seriously mean EVERYTHING!! At 20secs, in the original MV, Hyesung is walking a dog and in the parody, a guy actually acts as the dog jumping around HAHAAHA…

Also at the end where they have the credits, the names were Era (Eric), Jik-Jin (Jun jin), Hae-Sam (Hyesung), Dong-Ahn (Dongwan), Ddung-Di (Andy) and N (M = Minwoo). LOL how cute is that? I think they’re probably the biggest Shinhwa fanboys out there hahahah <333

Click *here* to watch!


  1. Ah I saw this the other day and fell in love! It is so cute and you are right they did an great job. It is so weird how everything in the video can seem pretty normal and when it is re-enacted it is sooo weird! LMAO

    I cannot even imagine the effort that went into planning/doing this. I would SOOO do it if I had any friends that liked Korean music or if they ever had an MV with one person. I suppose I could dress up as all five DBSK and try to play all the guys. We’ll see. :DD

    Dogboy is my favourite. OH and “You got a problem, come and talk to me” part was soo funny.

  2. ringy
    Hahaha I think it looked weird cuz they looked really really awkward. But very very cute..If I ever saw them in Korea, I would give them big hugs haha..

    Yea I was wondering how long it took them to do this and imagine how many times they would have to watch the actual MV O_O Then getting the props, setting and everything. Such dedication!! <333

    Umm I have an idea. How bout you fly to AUstralia and we can get Candychu and Pinkandsparkly to join us to do a DBSK MV?!?!? XDDDDDD Oh wait we’re still missing one person..Umm *thinks hard* we can always use a blow up doll HAHAHAAH =PPPP

  3. OMG that is so true. I love MV’s at first but I rarely go back and watch them. They must have seen it like a thousand times.

    LMAO Okay but who is going to be the blow up doll number one? And where am I going to get the money to come to Australia?!?!?! You guys should all come to Canada. At least then you will have company on the plane! :D

    OR I can just do it myself and then send it to you to photoshop in. LMAO I am sure it will look as good.

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