Posted by: beckery | July 6, 2008

Suju H Say No to Smoking

Credits to SJ Market

Watch it here: Credits to SapphireJunior08 @ youtube

Yes we should listen to our lovely boys and say NO to smoking XDDDD I really hate the smell of it so when a friend is smoking near me, I make it very obvious that I’m about to tackle them and chuck that deadly stick between their lips on the ground and crush it hahaha..

Anyways, the clip of the boys singing the Anti-smoking campaign song, “NoNoNo”.  Haha they all look very gangster at the beginning where they’re walking through the park and Hyukjae’s rap ♥_♥ I love it when he raps with an attitude, its soooo hot. Oh and watch at 52secs where Hyuk caresses his face and seems to be enjoying it a tad too much XD, while Leeteuk pretends to be smoking and Sungmin is pushing him away with the whole “OMG YOU REALLY STINK” face LOL It actually reminds me of me when someones smoking at my face =_= Then at 34sec they do the X with their arms and say “NO” but all I can think of is them being Power Rangers HAHAHA!!

And since I’m on the topic, watch DBSK’s really old Anti-smoking CF *here* and Shinhwa’s *here*


  1. OMG THIS SONG WAS FRIGGIN’ HOT ♥______________♥ I want it !!!!!!

    I LOVED the Sungmin+Teuk bit XDDD
    Yesung in red frames is so darn hot
    Shindong and his poop hair will never get old XD

    Oh and Hyuk is SXC. Id like to take him home :)

    p.s where is Kangin? This is starting to get annoying. They might as well not put Kangin as part of SJH if he’s gonna be busy with other stuff 7.7

  2. Say no to Cancer sticks :D

    Kinda ironic that DBSK did a “no smoking” CF when Jae still smoked at that stage :P

  3. @ candychu

    not sure if kangin quit smoking yet. but if he didn’t, then his appearance in this cf would be rather hypocritical.

    hmm, do you guys know if the other guys in the cf smoke? i’m pretty sure that eunhyuk was pretty adamant against not smoking, not sure about the other guys tho..

  4. ^lol this is probably just me, but I thought Kangin quit smoking for Leeteuk his fans? Lol I think I might have imagined it then XDDD But well I’m hoping he’s quit and if not, I sure hope he watches this video ;)

  5. c
    Yesung does look really good in those red frames. Maybe you should get those instead of contacts =PPP hahaha..And I thought we’ve established that Hyuk is taken by me?!?! XD

    I have no idea where Kangin is =_= And um I thought he quit smoking too *shrugs*

    I think most artistes smoke =_= The pressure and stress of their jobs I guess. Actually, when Shinhwa did their no smoking CF, all of the boys, except Dongwan were smoking =SSSSS Dongwan keeps having on and off periods, but I’m sure he doesnt smoke anymore. Not sure about the others, I hope they dont.

    I’m pretty sure he didnt appear in the CF due to other schedules not because of it being hypocritical..And umm like Candychu said, I thought Kangin quit smoking =S I know Yesung use to, but not sure if he does anymore.

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