Posted by: beckery | July 6, 2008

“U” Japanese Version Preview

Credits to 13sapphireangels @ youtube

It’s only a 24 second preview of the chorus so you only hear the “Cuz I can’t stop thinking bout u girl” part and like 2 sentences of Japanese sung by Kangin and Leeteuk hahaha. I’m no Japanese expert so I can’t comment on their pronounciation and lol I dont think you can really say much with 2 sentences anyways..Hmm so they have a chinese, korean and now a japanese version of this song. Maybe they should do an English version just cuz I absolutely love their Engrish XDD


  1. Uh… Their japanese sounds really like it’s Korean; how to say it, they’re saying foreign words with a korean accent. xD

    It sounds really quite awkward to my ears, but maybe if they sang slower songs then it wouldn’t sound so disjointed?

    But ohoho, if Hankyung speaks in Japanese I think I might just explode. <3

  2. Rofl, it does sound like they’re singing in Korean XD And yes, it sounds awkward XDDD

  3. xD that is definitely somewhat awkward sounding…uhm, maybe it’s the meter? I dunno… just doesn’t sound like normal Japanese.

    I wanna hear the rest of them sing in Japanese! xD

  4. ihaveafishcalledcat
    LOL nice username XD Yea I know what you mean, I had to double check to see if it was the Japanese version haha.I’m actually looking forward to them rapping in japanese if possible. That would be epic haha

    Umm yea, have no idea how to reply to your comment so um ILU? hahaha XD

    Haha yea I think we’ve established that their Japanese is somewhat awkward but hey at least their trying right?!

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