Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 7, 2008

DBSK Hanako West scans

Pictures: Baidu JJ Bar

Click to enlarge – you know you want to ;)


How hot does JJ look in that group picture *drools* PLEASE WEAR SUITS MORE OFTEN. Does Changmin remind anyone else of News’ Ryo Nishikido? No? Maybe it’s just me then. But aaaahhhhh i want his belt ;_____________;

Micky’s jacket remind me of sailors, but I really like Junsu’s flannel shirt. Flannels really in right now *___*. No mean comments about Yunho’s hair, cos he doesn’t look like that anymore ^___^. But plenty of hate goes out to Micky’s pants. Homg, what did he do to the stylist; THOSE PANTS ARE HIDEOUS AND SHOULD NOT BE WORN BY ANYONE.

LOL @ the dog in the group photo XDD

BTW, remember the Pinky photoshoot that Changmin did? HIM AND MICKY MODELLED IN ANOTHER PHOTOSHOOT. The magazine will be out next month. Apparently, they wore SUITS for some of the photos. ME WANNA SEEEEEEE.

Edit: YooMin photoshoot can be found here – Thankyou Candychuuu


  1. Jae sooooo OWNS this photoshoot.
    (&& Usually i’m biased, ‘cuz of Changmin..XD)

    LOL When i saw at the small pic clicky..thingy, of Changmin, i swear..i thought he was wearing heels!
    Then i saw the actual shoes..and fell over.
    BUT i do love the long sweater and skinny jeans.

    Yoochun-Waist and Up, i love it.
    Yoochun-Below Waist..(clothed) VERY BAD.
    Those pants are probably going to be popular(if not already) though..maybe hes just trying to prove that hes an influence. ^^

    Junsu’s pic hates me..but i can tell he looks good!! so manly, but he looks like such a girl.
    I ENVY his hair..


  2. ^ROFL I thought Changmin was wearing heels too XDD But omg he looks so hot in the embedded pic…as if he’s pouting or something ^^
    And Yoochun’s outfit = ew

  3. Ohhh a RYO reference!! He is soo much love <3333 And no your not going weird, I actually do see some similarities here, which is all fine and dandy cuz they’re both soooo smexy XDDDD

    Yoochun’s black and white striped jacket reminds me prisoner garbs HAHA. And his wearing those fishermen pants again =_= Aside from the fact that Junsu’s eyes kinda look weird in the group photo, he is still so much win in suits and provocative poses *_*

  4. Strangely, I for one have nothing against Yoochun’s pants…its his shoes that are killing me. They make me think of Peter Pan’s curly leaf-made shoes ^^ (And the blonde tufts make me think of pirates….O__O)

    xD I seriously didn’t notice that dog there though!! Was too busy oggling Min and Jae, that by the time I read your post, I was like ‘ehhh?’ Kinda funny how Chunboy’s tufts match the dog’s ears xDDD

    GAHHHH @ jae’s lil smile. *about to roll head on keyboard, before she realises that its sticky from orange juice*…*sits and GAHHH’s raucously*

  5. Jae looks sososososososo hot in the group pic and his individual one, and omg, his unbuttoned shirt. I really don’t like Yoochun’s pants and shoes. Junsu does look really good in that flannel shirt and I don’t really mind Yunho’s hair much. They all look amazing in this photoshoot minus Chunnie’s little outfit mishap.

  6. ImJustKeed’In:
    Hahahaha, he DOES look like he has heels on XD

    Skinny jeans are <333

    Argh, I hope he won’t start a trend with those pants, they’re HIDEOUS.

    Changmin looks good in every photoshoot.

    That’s what happens when you don’t grow your hair to ridiculous lengths *cough*micky*cough*

    Hmm, I reckon it’s the eyes…..but they’re both sekshhiiiii, so who cares XD

    Hahahaha, Micky’s jacket reminds me of those jumpsuits the Suju boys wore in that episode of EHB with the dogs XDD

    Hahahahaha, Peter Pan shoes XDDDDDDD. I seriously think he offended his stylist, cos his clothing choices/hairstyles have been TERRIBLE lately.

    I didn’t notice the dog at first either, then I looked, and went “ooo what’s that hairy thing”, and realised it was a dog XD

    They should ALWAYS unbutton the top few buttons, it just looks better that way ;)

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