Posted by: lovediaries | July 7, 2008

Poor Minho

This is the cutest (and most heartbreaking) thing I’ve seen all day. Well from the net, anyway ;)

You’d kinda expect something like this to happen considering SHINee have been working so soooooooo hard during their first few months and they still go to school!



Come Minho, let noona take you home where you can have a nice long nap without your peers secretly taking pictures of you and posting them on the net *holds out hand*

Bonus! More after school pics!!  credit as tagged
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Minho’s the one holding the Mentos ^^ and Jonghyun is the one with his face XDD


  1. Awww. ohh goshh, Minho, don’t sleep like that! you’ll hurt your back… T_T

    Is it me, or does he look super skinny? o_o
    goshhh…. but i agree…CUTE! :D

  2. ^I know! He’s gonna get a sore neck as well. Lol YES he’s super lanky. His body reminds me of Changmin, actually. Tall and skinny. I’d like to see him after working out *giggles*

  3. xDD You guys are so sweet, being concerned about his spine….I was more worried about the fact that stalking occurs even during nap time. The fact that you can see someone else in the shot taking the exact same photo is scary.

    Can you imagine the boys going camping up in the wilderness, and you got fangirls dressed up as bears taking photos of them, and raiding their billy can, whilst they’re snoozing away in lil sleeping bags? xDD Bless them

  4. forget classrooms and camps, WHAT ABOUT PUBLIC BATHHOUSES???? I bet the change rooms for boys are all open with no cubicles

  5. LOL. it’s not because of his schedule… he’s just a sleepyhead. Just kidding; I’m sure SM overworks them like crazy too! For Minho’s credit, this is during break so technically, he’s not sleeping during classes.

  6. YAY! I was so sad when you mentioned the mentos photo because I did not know where to see it!

    But who sleeps like that?! That is like, died I cannot even put my head on my desk because it is too far away. And why are there guys taking the photo?! I thought for sure it would be little fangirls but then I see the guy’s watch. LMAO At least they are just taking pictures of him. If I had been there and seen Minho sleeping. I would just sneak up and insert myself. :O KIDDING! That would be awkward. Maybe if the class was empty.

    Seriously though those schools are so cute. And they get little class breaks. Transfer please. =)

    BTW, Did you hear the couple name 2MIN (Minho/Taemin)? SO CUTE & CREATIVE!

  7. LOLL! That looks like me in class. I think it’s kind of bad for your neck though. He looks so cute though! Poor kid. He must be so tired with school on top of all the SHINee stuff going on :(

  8. gummydork
    hehe of course! Minho’s spine is beautiful, rofl, and needs good taking care of ;) Well and yes it’s creepy, but aren’t we used to this crazy stalking?? xPPP

    OMG if they were ever to go on camp I’d sleep in their tent with them because I actually hate camping (bad experiences) but if it was with them then I wouldnt mind as much ^^

    LOL I think public bathhouses are actually split up so that a female cant bathe with a male. BUT I doubt that would stop the fans … awwww imagine them with their “hats” *nudge* hehe :P

    I wonder if he has any friends though…he looks so lonely on the desk by himself? :(

    haha well here you go ^^ LOL exactly! I usually put my arms + head on the desk if ever I have to sleep in class (which happens every eco class, actually) lmao, I’d probably go sit next to him and take photos with him while he’s asleep. omg im a freak O.o LOL

    And awww 2Min !! Actually did you notice that also applies to SungminxChangmin? :)

    I know! I wonder how the other boys are coping in class. I’d like to see but the thought of more stalking going on during school creeps me out


    (actually, every class, but…. )

  10. libby96
    lol suddenly everyone wants to transfer to his school ;)

    *sigh* i fall asleep too but no way am I as busy as Minho O.o

  11. ROFL, there’s someone sleeping in the desk next to his. XDDDDDD


    I’m glad he’s at least going to graduate from high school. And university’s becoming way more personable, so I’ll bet he can even complete uni as a member of SHINee (though by then, a name change might be in order. I mean, I can see DBSK lasting through the ages, but … SHINee seems soooooo … juvenile? *dodges the tomatoes thrown her way* I LOVE THEM. SERIOUSLY).

    And really, the picture (complete with captions) seems like such a guy thing to do. I can see girls doing it too, but it’d be more along the lines of “OMO! He’s soooo cuuuuuuuuuuute. I want to marrrrrryyyyy him. MARRY ME, PLEASE?! I LOVE YOU, MINHO, MY FUTURE HUSBAND. Let’s get it ON NOW“. But “zzzzzzz…” – now THAT’S my kinda caption. <3

    … I’m so cynical today. Many apologies. XDDDDD


  12. playmeagain
    rofl, are you feeling better yet? You seem…really high? Taking your medicine, are we? Lol

    I think that’s a girl sleeping on the other desk? I’m only assuming coz she actually has her head on the table XDD

    Lol well aren’t *I* clever ^^ I was the one who came up with the caption *giggles* Did you know wordpress could do that? When you insert a file you can actually make your own caption!!! I never knew it could look that pretty xDD

    ILU2CL..? BB <3 YES!

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