Posted by: lovediaries | July 7, 2008

SMTown Concert

{credit: dnbn; Ringy @ Soompi; tacoss @ dbsg}

Ringy do you have the same username on soompi?? ^^


Going to four cities the “SM Town Live 2008” is a large-scale music festival that will last 5 hours. The four cities are Korea (Seoul), China (Beijing & Shanghai), Thailand (Bangkok).

The first show is at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul, it is on from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The auction for the tickets will on July 15th at 8:00 pm at

Um HOW AWESOME DOES THIS CONCERT SOUND? Too bad I won’t be in any of those cities anytime soon 7.7 But omg SHINee’s name are up there!!! They make me so proud coz they’re just newbies and they’re appearing everywhere ^_____^

I hope there will be heaps of DBSJ and Eunhae moments (the latter is just a personal request hehe) and I really wanna see CSJH perform with the other SM artists again!!! I miss those girls <33


  1. Although I’m not a dedicated fan of Zhang Li Yin, I’m happy to be seeing her again. Omg, DBSK + Super Junior + SHINee is too much for one stage. I wish I could go :(

  2. OMG,
    SHE WAS LIKE : ‘ we went to taiwan last holidays’
    … for 2 days…. >..<

  3. abc123zyx
    I love ZLY so I’m happy to see her back with everyone else…I need to follow her more, I never know what she’s up to XD

    yeah thank goodness they’re not going to HK or I will be very very angry T______T

  4. LMAO Ya that was me! >:

    I cannot wait for this! They are all going to have so much fun together. Shinee can make lots of friends then to! <3333 I think Taemin is the youngest in the whole concert to right? Then everyone will look after him. CUTE.

    You know what though? DBSK goes from that on the 15th right back to A-nation on the 17th. They are going to be soo tired. =(

    Oh, and I thought CSJH and DBSK were going to do some promotion together to right? Probably coming up since they both have a new single. That would be awesome!

  5. no~~~~~~~~~~`
    they left out Malaysia this time.

  6. ringy
    hehe okay good, just double checking ;)
    i know!!! just think of all the possibilities of them performing together <333 omg Taemin will be the baby!!! And *fingers crossed* Kibum will actually be there. Seriously, that boy has disappeared and I”m not happy.

    Lol the day SM stops overworking their artists will be when hell freezes over. So not happening.

    aww, there there. None of us will get to see them either :(

  7. i want to go!?
    but i’m stuck in the U.S…maybe they’ll come to the Hollywood Bowl?

  8. ^hahaha, but they’ve just been to US for HB :P
    They should come to Australia coz no one comes here :(

  9. Tahnks for posting

  10. ^No problem ^^

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