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Steady Magazine feat. YooMin

{credit: as tagged; beccary35 @ dbsg}

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HOT BOYS IN SUITS = BIGGER HOLE IN OZONE LAYER (because their hotness would melt anything and everything…and most likely to cause drastic changes to our climate and the seasonal changes will impact on our ability to grow crops so then farmers rely on cows to make money and then the cows poo and methane contributes to global warming; hence, resulting in a bigger hole in the ozone layer) 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥____♥

I really like the tone of this shoot…like it’s very classy and sophisticated so that it doesn’t even seem as if there’s anything wrong with Yoochun’s hair? Or maybe my attention is simply diverted to the hotness that is Changmin so I don’t notice Yoochun’s borehead? LOL IM SO MEAN XDD ILU CHUN <3

But mmmm *drools over Changmin* And I’m sure we all know the reason there’s a massive gap between him and the model on the bed is coz that spot is reserved for me, right? *giggles to self*

p.s I think this is the shoot pinkandsparkly was talking about ^^


  1. omg OoO *faints* they look soooo hot +.+
    they girl’s so lucky *_____*

  2. Micky’s suit makes me ^^||| a little, BUT HE’S WEARING A SUIT, SO WHO CARES.


    Btw, they shot these in a hotel, heheee ;)

    Changmin has two holes in his left ear….I have two in my right ear….IT’S MEANT TO BE.

  3. P.S: I don’t think hotness worsens the ozone layer, I think it’s due to aerosol spray and other deadly chemicals xPP

  4. Changmin hotness can melt gummies better than a microwave can…..heck, he’s so goodlooking that my face is melting off xDDD

  5. HAHAHAAH I think candychu meant flood the world with our drools not umm worsen the ozone layer (WTH?!?!?) =PPPPPPPP


    Changmin looks like he has bed hair in the big photo and OMG BED HAIR IS TOTAL LOVE!!!! <3333 I LOVE BOYS WITH BED HAIR!!! It looks messy but styled, kinda rugged but sexy and ok it just pawns haha..But doesnt he look a tad bit lonely by himself on that side of the bed?!?! Its ok hunny I’ll fly into the picture and sit next to you. Lemme just go buy a classy dress first XDDDDDD hahaha

    And I agree with PAS Yoochun’s suit is a bit =S Its the tie I tell you!!! But umm I prefer boys/men that wear their suit a bit messy. The whole “tie loose, a few buttons undone” type. So maybe they should shred a few layers, unbutton a few buttons and kill us XD haha

  6. youjuchan
    I know ;______; That model actually went and wrote online her experiences with them saying that they were both very gentleman-like

    LOL shows how much attention I paid to Yoochun XD
    Oh hotel, eh? Actually hotels can be the nicest places for photoshoots…like their Aug issue of SMag was filmed in the same hotel as the one in A Millionaire’s first love ^^

    cow poo also adds to global warming hehehe

    ROFL Changmin’s face-melting abilities are almost as incredible as Henry’s xD

    Queen B
    (GG reference – did you get it? ^^)
    LOL okay…we could go with flooding the world ;)
    YES thats why he looked so hot!!! Bed hair = a whole lot of implications but sexy nonetheless. Lol Changmin isn’t lonely on the bed…and sorry, there won’t be any room coz im FAT AHAHAHA

    LOL omg you just like everything messy, don’t you? I like messy bed sheets :DD LOL KIDDING!!!! Hehe you’re just describing Eunhyuk, aren’t you?

  7. Changmin = ♥
    I LOVE when guys cross their legs..
    I love his hair too…but it seems his head is bigger than it actually just saying..Heh.

    I love the button up shirt&Vest paired with the suit, its verrrry stylish.

    I hate ties, but the rest of the suit is really nice!
    His hair..i’m shiny, but it needs to be styled differently..
    He looks so unhappy..i would be too..if i weren’t next to..ME.

    Changmin looks so..distracted, hes too busy trying to be a sexkitten.
    Changmin the sexkitten.

    Anyway, i love when you guys post pictures, more? ^^

  8. ^ Haha. Changmin the sexkitten.

    Changmin looks so sexy in a suit. I love that expression on his face where he’s sitting on the bed. Yes, we have them to blame for climate change xD.

  9. ImJustKeed’In
    ROFL XDD Omg that must be why he’s looking so distracted. Well, either that or he’s wondering where I am we are ;)

    Lol we try post as many pictures as we can…usually pas does it more often than me coz she has a robot and its easier ^^

    agree! A suit works wonders on anyone let alone someone as hot as Changmin ;)

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