Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 8, 2008

Suju playing water basketball

Video: MusicRandoms @ Youtube

Not a new video, but I’ve never seen it before, and I thought I should share it cos it features half naked suju boys frolicking around in the water ;)

Did that sound suss? XDD

I’d like this video more if it was in HQ, cos I can’t tell who’s who XD (this was filmed when they were in Malaysisia filming “Dancing Out”). Maybe Candychu will be able to help me out ^^.

I think everyone apart from Kangin and Donghae (I think that’s him in the black wifebeater?) is shirtless. Leeteuk is VERY shirtless (and SO SCRAWNY, OMG). I see Kibummie~~ I miss that boy ;____; I think the boy who fought with Eunhyuk for the ball was Hangeng? It’s hard to tell XD

Edit: Ok, so after discussing the video in great detail with Candychu, we can roughly help you recognise the boys:

Alright, so there are eight boys in the pool, and we figured that two of them are the managers (cos we have no idea who they are XD)

0:06 – Hangeng + Kangin + Random

0:09 – Leeteukie

0:14 – Kibum and manager

0:15 – Eunhyuk enters

0:16 – Donghae


  1. LMAO!
    2:06 is ♥

    Eunhyuk is swimming towards the ball, and Hangeng just pops up out of nowhere.
    Reminds me of that vid, where they were dancing to U at Sukira. (Kyuhyun)

    6 Are recognizable, as SuJu,
    1 is some old dude, the last i have no idea.
    They are so cute, Kibum, seems so carefree and happy.

    I wish they were all together though!!
    Shirtless Kyu, & Wookie would of been nice..XD
    We need to see those boys shirtless!

  2. I haven’t seen Kibum in DECADES :(((((((((((((((((((((((

    I’ve NEVER seen Ryeowook shirtless. And i really want to XDD

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