Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2008

SuJu Jap Fanmeet Pictures

{credit: NEWSEN; sjbluecn; baidu; 16candl3s @ soompi}
And of course beckery because she’s awesome <3
The boys are in their DC outfits, as you can see, and looking good. *mmm* Donghae in a black wifebeater…

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Super Juni-ORR

Image Hosting by Picoodle.comImage Hosting by Picoodle.comImage Hosting by

HOWEVER, me and beckery are still extremely upset over the lack of Eunhae. I try comforting myself by saying “Hey, look, no Kangteuk either!” but it’s different because the two of them are in SJH together. Argh *weeps in corner*. Maybe theres like a “no fanservice yet” rule because theyre unsure of what the Japanese fans like????

One thing to be happy about is the number of fans in the crowd :D I wasn’t expecting the same thing that happened to DBSK at their very first fanmeet to happen to the SJ boys but I didn’t expect to see a sea of blue either lol

Anyways, I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that SJ will split even more or that we should be expecting a SJ-J anytime soon because THEY RLY NEED BE TOGETHER MORE D:

Edit:Pinkandsparkly here, just adding another picture of SJ-KRY:


  1. They’re together again! <3 Is someone missing? I counted 12 members in both group pics. I really don’t hope another subgroup is sent to enter the Japanese market. They can’t be separated even more than they already are :(

  2. Ohh. Is it Heechul cause he’s still in the hospital? I was quite surprised to see that sea of blue.

  3. abc123zyx
    nope, Heechul’s there ^^ U can see him performing wiht SJT. Kibum is the one not there :( Apparently he came up on the screen and apologised about not having made it *sigh*

  4. Oh yes. He’s the fifth from the left. I miss Kibum so much. I rarely see him anymore :(((

  5. abc123zyx
    I know :( I just re-watched the One Love MV and seeing Kibum with the rest of the others is so much better than just having the 12 of them.
    I hope he realises that he BELONGS in Super Junior *sigh*

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