Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2008

Super Junior U – Japanese Version

{credit: MusicRandoms @ youtube}

(the vid is romanized with translations ^^)

Okay, hmmm. After hearing it for the first time, I think Hankyung sounds better in Japanese than in Korean, Kyuhyun’s singing is different…? and omg THE RAP IS IN ENGLISH alksjdlskjflsakjfalsjfalskdjf

This version isn’t my favourite, I’ll admit, but I think it’s pretty cool that they decided to rap in english! Maybe it was easier than rapping in Japanese? lol.

I heard SuJu had their Jap Fanmeet yesterday but unfortunately Kibum couldn’t make it (WHY???? T_____T) so it was just 12 of them. I read one fan account and they boys seemed to be having fun with their random Japanese phrases…though they got most of it wrong. If I remember correctly, instead of saying “I want to see Mt Fuji”, Kyu said “I am Mt Fuji” XDDD But I’m sure he’s able to twist his words to make out that he really did intend to say that!? Lol cute ^^

Also, I’ve always wondered about this. Heechul isn’t the best singer in the group so why is it that he gets two solo lines in both verses? I’ve thought about this ever since I first saw U but I never really had anyone to ask XD So yes, someone…answer me, please? ;P

::EDITed:: With HQ Version thankyou libby96 <3


  1. Because Heechul’s awesome ^___^ And they wanted more scenes of Heechul and his bad hair =.=

    Watashi wa mt fuji?

    See, I DID learn something in that 1 term of Japanese XDD

    lmao @ how you said Hangeng sounds better in Japanese XDDDDDD

  2. I’m gonna be a mean fan here but ‘U’ in Nihongo = lafftrip.

    I love them to bits but I was laughing my arse off when I heard this. Gomenasai~

    In the spirit of fun, maybe they should just record this in ALL MAJOR LANGUAGES. I would looooooooooooove to hear SuJu sing in ENGLISH.

    Or French. Pwahahahaha~

    Wookie sounds the same in ANY language, imo. *amazed*

  3. Gosh you guys are freaks!!! I went to sleep before you’s and ended up waking up later than you’s =_= haha or it just be that i love my sleep too much XDDD

    And as much as I love the boys, I thought this version was funny haha..Ohh im such an awesome fan ^_^ But no seriously, they sounded like they were singing Korean and umm Kibum and Hyuk’s english raps were ROFL!! I listened to it without reading the lyrics and I couldnt really figure out what they were saying hehehe, but its ok I love when Hyuk says “baby” to me <3

  4. pas
    lol i thought so ;)
    ahah I think thats just “my name is Mt Fuji” lol I think what he did was leave out a word or two xD

    but its true! Or maybe its because all the boys’ japanese is not good so hankyung fits in better?

    they might as well record it in every language! They really need one in english now XD Lol yeah Wook seriously sounded the same! Its his voice ^^

    Queen B
    lol I wudnt have woken up this early if I had a choice =.=” My friend called me at 9 and woke up the entire family and shes like “omg I thought ud be up studying” so then I was even more =.=”””””” and instead I came online. BUT I turned my computer off…except my mum had hers on XDD

    I’ve been reading my book though :D 152/434 pages .. er almost there XD then I gotta go study maths + type up some business notes and hopefully get round to summarising my yrs worth of notes :S hmm.

    aw i didnt find the rap that bad. maybe coz I read it first and then i watched the video with the translations and I was reading more than listening :S

  5. thanks for the update…heenim can sing that’s why he has 2 lines there… he’s not the best singer in sj but he deserves to have more lines…he has many singing parts in their albums because of his unique and high pitched voice (tenor)..even the other members acknowledged his voice…he’s not perfect but he can definitely sing….

  6. cinderellapetals
    I like ur username ^^ lol yeah sorry, I didn’t say that to offend Heechul (or his fans…or anyone) in any way, I just thought it kinda random that he ‘seemed’ to get the most lines, if you get what I mean?

  7. hq version out… ^^
    too lazy…

  8. ^thanks for that :)

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