Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2008

Why have I fallen for you PV – DBSK version

{credit: stberry11 @ youtube}

Er, I’m supposed to be off to sleep (almost 1.30 am T_T) so I don’t know what I’m doing here …

I’ll come back and watch tmr & edit (unless pinkandsparkly wants to ~) but thought I’d post it for readers who aren’t in my timezone ;)

Not sure if theres too big a difference from the Drama Version but I saw a few seconds and the boys were looking hot and being dorks! Enjoy ~!

::EDIT:: Yeah, we saw more of them at the start didn’t we? Slightly disappointed but I’m hoping it only meant that the boys had more time to “rest” i.e do other work. Though it seems kinda pointless to have had two versions that were so alike? Oh well. The boys looked really hot at the start so it’s all good ^_____^


  1. I’m..SO..disappointed!
    I basically could of taken the preview we saw and added into the first PV.
    I was really excited too..
    Oh well..

    On a happier note,
    Yoochun looked sooo goood!
    I love his hair, and his eyes.
    If hes going to sport the long hair, it should be styled like THAT.

    Junsu..looks really different, it just bothers me for some reason.
    I guess i’m just used to it being spiked up.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I’ve only just noticed that you posted this (and it’s 2:30am XD) so I’ll watch and edit this tmrw ^^

    Excuse me, but I just found out that I have the same birthday as Big Bang’s G-Dragon. It’s really exciting. We’re like, BIRTHDAY BUDDIES. Now I’ll HAVE to buy their album XDDDD. I was wiki-ing them and looking at their profiles, and I went hang on, that date looks familiar….OMG, THAT’S MY BIRTHDAY. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    So I have the same birthday as him and Leo Ku *____*


    We should all get together and throw cake at each other


    I should probably go to bed…….



  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jae look ridiculously angelic. *heart spazzes* when he first came on, no doubt. It’s a bit disappointing, but hey: the boys look really good (especially Changmin) and at the beginnign, their outfits are AWESOME! They look so down-to-earth and casual and they should totally dress like that more often. I was just glad that DBSK showed up in the MV at all…! I guess it would’ve cost too much to re-shoot an entire MV just featuring the boys.

    LOL PAS is going through a Big Bang phase. Erm… so am I. hahah.

  4. ImJustKeed’In
    *sigh* yeah well im hoping it really did mean they managed to have more “me-time” though, I doubt thats even legal under SM XD
    and no problem ~ <3

    LOL NO FAIR. You get cool birthday buddies. Seriously, more people need to come out and tell me they have their birthday XD I was talking to one of my LJ buddies (well, more like stalking her profile :P) and she has the same birthday as KEY and I was like OMG YOURE HIS TWIN (but older by a few yrs) XD

    Throwing cake, eh? That…would result in MESS. and sweet sticky stuff. ew. I hate when I go to sleepovers and they have food fights *shudder*

    lol omg they were adorable at the beginning! Jae was attention-seeking with his “omg im so embarrassed, ill hide my face because then the camera will pay more attention to me” XD

  5. OMO I STILL LOVE THIS SONG SOOOO MUCH <3333333 AND WEEEEEEEE the boys look HOT!!! I approve of all their clothes, though you dont really see it much, but hot boys in hot clothes, singing a beautiful song and standing in an umm basketball gym? (haha) makes my heart flutters XDDDD

    Although they should of just released this version from the start, the other one was highly unnecessary (hahah im having a brain block, is that how u spell it?) =_= OR they should of made a really long storyline for 2 MV’s like how “Timeless” is…

    HAHAHAHAHHA YOU DORK!! But omg SAME BDAY AS GDRAGON!! Guess you guys are meant to be then. Why dont we fly over to Korea and kidnap him and make him marry you =PPPP and NO your not allowed to buy their albums (sorry BB and fans!) cuz u have to buy Shinhwa’s album or their dvd package! Yea, yea? *puppy dog eyes*

    Man it sucks cuz I dont think anyone has the same bday as me *pouts* thats soooooo unfair!!!! Its ok i’m going to make a fake bday. Probably either 21st November or 4th April, any guesses who’s bday those are?!? I’ll give you a virtual candy if you get it right xD lol

  6. I’m disappointed. I was hoping for more for this song. I liked that there were drama PV parts in it, but I wanted the boys to have greater roles. However, they did look amazing, Changmin and Yoochun especially. They’re so dorky in the beginning <3 Yunho’s hair is great like that, and I love it when Changmin claps when he laughs. They’re so adorable :D

  7. Queen B
    I know for a fact Hyuk’s bday is April 4th and I’m gonna assume Donghwan’s is 21st Nov. Now, CANDY??? :DDD

    OMG YES! I need like some other dramatic storyline in an MV…unless those are reserved for ZLY only then I am also fine with that. Omg shed better release another album this yr (tho I doubt thats happening) coz then YAY MORE MVS :DDD

    Yeah they really needn’t have bothered with the Drama version. *sigh* Well at least the song can make up for it, right? ^___^

  8. ahh this video got removed.. It was the funniest one yet.. the parody i mean..

  9. ^Argh, I know, stupid youtube =.=”

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