Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 10, 2008

DBSK Arena 37℃ August Scans

Pictures: Baidu + I’mJustKiddin’In (we adore you for giving us the link)

A LOT more HQ scans here – I just uploaded my favourite of each member, and all the group shots ^^

Even my bias can’t find any excuses for Jae’s bowl cut XD It looks so interesting XD

But homg, who knew curtains could be so sexy *_____________* LOOK AT THAT PICTURE OF CHANGMIN. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Actually, they all look really good; Junsu’s hair looks fabulous, Micky…looks like a girl with really good skin XD Yunho looks really sexy in that embedded picture, but in some of the other ones he looks like he had a very happy time with his hairdryer XDDD

I still can’t get over how good Changmin looks in his single shot *________________________* SEE WHAT A GOOD HAIRCUT DOES.


  1. YAY! You posted it!!

    I KNOW!
    When i saw Changmin…hes perfect!!

    I love the pictures of them next to the pink thingy.

    They all look sooo good.
    I just ignore Yunho’s hair..XD

    Junsu..idk, he looks good, but his hair annoys me for some reason.
    Eh. He just looks realllly different lately, but i still ♥ him.

    Yoochun..i ENVY his much.
    I want perfect skin.. T_T

    I love what Jae is wearing, and his hair..and his contacts..and his lips!
    Hes so yummy..

    Changmin takes the cake. Heh.

  2. That whole shoot seems like a battle of ‘Who’s got the strangest hair’…..I agree with ImJustKeed’In , Junsu look good, but his hair is off…..I think its cos it looks like his face is larger than the amount of hair he has….

    Yoochun’s style is quite effeminate, but I give him props for having girly hair, but still looking relatively manly ^^ (plus Im not complaining, cos its better than this

    Yunho threw me off badly here ‘’ Just cos his forehead looks abnormally larger and shinier compared to min

    lulz@ jaejoong’s shroom :) His lips are so pink that its easy to distract me from his hairstyle ^^’

    And I shall refrain from discussing min….shall end with :I want to come back as curtains in my next life!!

  3. Btw, am I the only one who cares that SS501 is also written on the cover? xDD

  4. Ohmygosh. That picture of Changmin. He looks beautiful there. And in all the other individual shots as well. I find Jaejoong’s hair to be very cute actually ^_^ Yoochun has such white and flawless skin that I’ve always wanted. He looks great in these scans, as does everyone else. But zomg. Changmin!!! <333

  5. @gummydork: rofl, alice nine is also on the cover! If you’re a fan of them?…which I’m not XD

  6. @candychu: lol, no alice nine scare me a tad. But Orange Range is there too!! And they pwn cos they do a couple of OSTs for Bleach ^_____^

    Thats awesome marketing though! Throw a bunch of popular band names onto the cover alongside 5 major-blood-loss-inducing boys and you have BIG moola making machines

  7. ImJustKeed’In:
    Thank you for giving us the link ^^

    I love those curtains, I want them in my room XD

    Junsu’s hair annoys you? I think it looks fine XD

    JJ has the nicest contacts, I’m so jealous :(

    Lol, am I the only one who likes Junsu’s hair? XDD

    Manly? Really?? O____O Lol, I think his stylist has it in for him XDDD

    Let me come back as a curtain with you, then I’d have a curtain buddy to talk to :P

    He’s got a nice mushroom head :P

    I am sooooooooo envious of Micky’s skin, homg *_______*

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