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Me Asia Deluxe Edition

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There aren’t any news of this on Yesasia yet so it’s kinda making me nervous XDD But omg FINALLY! pinkandsparkly mentioned this in one of the earlier posts and then today I found this pic with all the details written on it !!!!

Okay so as you can all see it’s a CD+DVD version and will be released 1st of August (damnit, my yrlies start then T_T). It isn’t very clear on what the DVD will include; it just says they’ll present both their “cool” auras onstage and cute behind the scene things offstage (ew, I suck at translating). But I love this the best ‘It’ll definitely be worth a Super Junior M lover like yourself to add to your collection‘ XDD INDEED IT WILL BE :D I wonder if they’ll have any new songs?? *is hopeful*

Ooh also it says there are two different ways of preordering! You can choose one of two gifts. With A, you get a SJM calendar (poster size) and with B you get a desk calendar. BUT (theres always a but T_T) this is only if you buy it in Taiwan because it says you get the gift when you actually purchase it *sigh*

But wow. So many new CDs are coming out within the next few weeks. GAAHHHH ^^

::EDIT:: Preorder from Yesasia *HERE*

01. 迷 (Me)
02. U (2008全新編曲 國語熱力版)
03. 至少還有你 (特別推薦SJ-M全新男聲 林憶蓮名曲新生版)
04. 你是我的奇蹟 (Miracle)
05. 愛你愛你 (Love Song)
06. 我抱著我 (In My Arms)
07. Don’t Don
08. Marry U
09. 我的二分之一 (Full Of Happiness)
10. 渴望 (A Man In Love)
11. 這一秒 (The Moment)
12. The One
13. 迷 (Me) – Korean Version
14. 至少還有你 – Korean Version
15. 愛你愛你? (Love Song) – Korean Version

1. 出道預告短片-韓庚篇
2. 出道預告短片-始源、東海篇
3. 出道預告短片-圭賢、HENRY篇
4. 出道預告短片-厲旭、周覓篇
5. U -音樂錄影帶 拍攝幕後花絮 (全長約23分鐘 中文字幕)
6. U -音樂錄影帶 (中文字幕)

The CD is the Krn version with all 15 tracks and the DVD includes the SJM Preview clips (the awesome jumping, spinning, kicking ones which are like 30 seconds long – WHY SO SHORT???), the U MV and Making of U MV which is 23 minutes long with chinese subtitles (WOOOOOOOOT).

But that’s all. WHY????????? After making us wait so long you’d think they’d be nice enough to film an extra MV or maybe even chuck in all the shows they’ve been featured on???

And I’m really annoyed right now because last night I just ordered stuff off YA and if only I had waited an extra 24 hours I could’ve gotten this. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. Last time I ordered something, the very next day SJ’s Concert Album was available. Argh. *sulks in corner* And while I’m at it I’m also SICK right now ;________________; WAAAAAAAAAAAAH.


  1. really??
    so if i buy the repackaged… i won’t get the goodies?? T_T”
    lol, i’ve already got the hk edition of the album…
    …the poster edition…

  2. libby96
    oooh you already bought it? Lol but yeah, you won’t be getting the goodies. BUT then again, it hasnt come out on YA yet and they might have different info…

  3. I want this. Would it be impractical to have two versions of the same album just cause I want extra features? I really want the DVD and I like the cover of this. I think I’m gonna go broke this summer buying CDs -.-“.

  4. abc123zyx
    thats wat I cant decide too. Coz with Sj’s Don’t Don I bought the first version and then came the repackaged ones and I was so tempted to buy the one with the DVD but in the end I passed. Except with SJM I asked for it for my bday (the normal edition) and now that this special one has come out, I want it also!!! I mean, I’m definitely getting this version lol so I probably will end up with two? That’s why I’m hoping they chucked in at least one extra song…but since its not written there, probably not? :S

  5. aww…
    get better soon… <3

    so the songs will be in krn??

    should i get this version as well??
    but the videos will be on youtube soon…
    maybe i should wait til xmas,
    with my 1000 other items??

  6. ^lol I’m hoping to get better too coz I have trials to study for :(
    There will be 3 tracks in krn. You know how the Krn version of ME had the original 12 tracks + 3 of the tracks in krn? Well that’s what I meant ^^

    Lol the videos are already out on youtube! Let me know if you have trouble finding it, coz we’ve done posts on them ^^

  7. WOWW! I’m so excited for this! I wonder if they’ll release their 2nd MV along with this… I think I read/heard that there was supposed to be an MV for “Me” as well! :D

    And if only they had a new photo shoot for the album jacket T__T

  8. ^really? There’s going to be another MV? So then there might be a Super Asia Deluxe Edition?? Lol I can’t wait any longer XDD Well on YA, it said ‘temporary image’ so maybe there will be a new shoot? *fingers crossed*

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