Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 10, 2008

SM Town Concert Tracklist

TVXQ! :Rising Sun / Beautiful you / Balloons / Hug / Phantom / Believes

Super Junior :Don’t Don / Marry U / Miracle / Sapphire Blue / Full Of Happiness / U

The Grace :One More Time,Ok? / Too Good / My Everything / Iris / Boomerang

Girls’Generation :Into The New World / Kissing you / Baby Baby / Tears / Girls’Generation

Zhang Li Yin : I Will / Lovers / Believe in Love / One More Try / Y(Why…)

SHINee :Replay / In My Room / Love Should Go On / A Crisscross Love(JongYun Feat.Zhang Li Yin)

S.MTown : Only Love / Let’s Go on a Trip

Omg, this looks like SUCH a good concert!! I love all most of these songs :DDDD

Very happy with CSJH’s tracks; great song choice. ZLY also has really good songs (bit disappointed that Timeless is missing :( )

I’m very excited about SHINee performing “In my room” (And I bet Candychu is too), that was my favourite song on their mini-album, so I can’t waaiiit to see them perform it live ^^ AND OMG, JONGHYUN WILL BE DUETING WITH ZLY! (hopefully live :D!!!)

Suju’s songs are good, I’ve never seen them perform “Sapphire Blue” :)

DBSK….I’d put “why have i fallen in love with you”, “Purple Line”, and “Fool”, in there instead of “phantom”, “beautiful you” and “balloons”, but that’s just me ^^

SNSD are performing all their hits, too. Though I wish they’d perform “Incomplete”, cos I really like the male version of that song XDDD


  1. omg I would kill to see Key rap in Love Should Go On!

  2. ^AGREE. But damn, why not perform Real as well? Everyone else gets 5 songs, SHINee can afford to have more songs too! BUT ITS STILL GOOD :DDD
    I’m excited for ZLY’s songs too! I love Believe in Love, but like you, I’m disappointed Timeless isn’t there. If DBSK are going to be singing HUG, then ZLY should sing Timeless. Thats how things should work =.=”

    Okay this is fun. If I could choose…
    DBSK: why have i fallen for you, proud, kiss shita mama sayonara, darkness eyes…er oops they’re all japanese XDD
    SUJU: She’s Gone, You are the One, Mirror, One Love, Han Sarammaneul…damn, no hip thrusting song XDD
    CSJH: One More time, Okay?, My Everything, Just for One Day, Pirahna and that one with the really long title…but IDK the english name D:

    And probably Timeless for ZLY :D

  3. ever suyin shipper was really disappointed that Timeless wasnt there. I was well …… ok. laughs. I dont really want her to be riding in the same boat as Jun Su. let her rise and shine.

    As for SHINee, they havent gotten five of their own songs to sing right? i am not sure. haha. but I am excited for the duet he had with Li Yin


    now, I most probably know I am not going to be able to attend it. so, I wish they come out with a dvd of this concert.

  4. I’m so happy SuJu will be performing Sapphire Blue. I love that song. DBSK should perform Why Have I Fallen for You, Travel Log, and Love in the Ice. I can’t wait to see the Zhang Li Yin and Jonghyun song. I was hoping for timeless too. This should be a great concert :)

  5. And today I was listening to the boy version of Incomplete and I just love it, so I also kind of want them to perform it cause I’ve never heard their version xD.

  6. i was hoping kyuhyun could perform just for one day with csjh x.x
    since he’s more recovered from his accident now than last year when csjh was promoting their album.

  7. Melly21:
    I want to see Key rap *____*

    Real? Isn’t that the really weird song? :S

    “that’s how things should work” lmao XD Well, she IS singing “why”….

    I love those DBSK songs you chose! And I reaaaally want to see a live performance of One Love!

    Lol, SHINee should steal a SNSD slot XD I’M SO NICE.

    I really want to see a DVD of this ^^

    I looooooove DBSK’s ballad performances, I really wish they included more ballads in that list :S

    I’ve heard the female version of “Incomplete”, and um…I prefer the male version XDDD


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