Posted by: lovediaries | July 10, 2008

Sukira Radio – Onew Phonecall

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

This is so adorable <3 (As is everything SHINee related) ^^

Anyways Eunteuk are on a mission where they have to somehow make Onew say the word “cute”. So they call him up and he’s all surprised and a little cautious when asking “Who’s this” and when they say “We’re Super Junior Kiss the Radio”, Onew is all “ahh hello~” ^^

They ask Onew what he’s doing and he says that SHINee are in the practising room practising their LIVE and omg they intend on practising til 3 (in the morning O.o). Seriously, how do the boys get enough rest to go to school???

The conversation then leads to why SHINee are so loved and Onew is asked to name reasons and he says “Ambition and passion” then when asked to list 5 more he says “Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho” Isn’t that so cute? ^_______^

Eunteuk finally get the word “cute” out of Onew when asked what noona fans say to them hehe. But this was such a sweet phonecall. Like, everytime Onew received a compliment he would pause a bit and then thank them, showing how modest the boy is. Awww <3


  1. He sounded really surprised when he realized who was calling him, hahah <3. Cute Onew <33333.

  2. ^Lol I know! And when Teuk was like “we’ll see you guys at the office” Onew was like “yeah we’re practising” XDDD Aw, I’m so excited for the SMTown Concert!!!

  3. OMFGOSHh hahahaha this is soo adorable. ;D hehe.

    so cute the beginning when teuk introduced himself to onew he’s like “eh? …ah ne?… annyounghaseyo!” hahaha ;] so adorable. :D can i have his number? i’d like to talk to him too ^_^ lol.

  4. ^Lol I know! And I really love his voice <3 It’s so soothing and I’d love to talk on the phone with someone who has a voice like him xDDD

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! HE SOUNDS SO CUUUUTE and so polite… so careful with his speech. I know some other people (*coughsnsdcough*) that probably would’ve forgot to use polite speech…!

    And I don’t think it was 3am… LOL. Hyuk mentioned (jokingly, maybe?) that they (SJ, I guess) reserved the practice room to 12:30, and I would assume that they wouldn’t be rehearsing at 12:30am…, but then again, with their crazy schedules, that might be the only time that they can get to practice… eh. Who knows? Poor guys, if that’s the case. Although I thought it was really cute how Eeteuk was all, “Oh, the practice room in the basement?” and Onew was being clueless… haha. I just thought it was cool that they know what rooms they were talking about… that’s weird.

  6. ^Yeah I was listening out for whether he would say something wrong too xD

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure it was 3am because Sukira goes from 10-12am and so when they called Onew it would’ve been late at night. And yeah, Hyuk was probably joking about booking the practice room at that time to make things awkward for Onew since they were going to use it til 3 XD

  7. AHH! I didn’t know Sukira was that late! i thought it aired at a normal time (at oh say, 10-12PM?!)… No wonder… poor boys. Their lives are so hard, and they just debuted, so they probably have a lot of pressure to perform perfectly…! They’re probably getting ready for a new single/dance though, hopefully. It must be torturous to practice the same routine over and over…

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