Posted by: lovediaries | July 11, 2008

080710 M!Countdown Ranking

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Almighty Key

This video is all kinds of win. Okay, I have no idea what I’ve done with the picture but it seems kinda cool so I’ll just leave it at that.

The boys do another countdown and this one’s even funnier than the one with Hyuk + Shindong XD

Basically the second the video started, I was LOLing. They’re a lot more crazier this time and seem to be more understanding about what crack is about XD

Onew is super high and dancing around his members…its so cute! Then Minho and Key do something with a sword and I heard the word ‘Charisma’ in there somewhere. Then Key goes and makes a face like ^that XD.

Taemin is really smiley in this and he kinda gets mismatched eyes like Changmin, don’t you reckon?? Sort of? xP

I love how Jonghyun looks up at Minho when he talks and I love the part where Key feels Minho’s leg. It’s probably not what I’m thinking but seeing as there are no subs, I can interpret it however I want, right?

It feels so weird seeing Onew all hyper like this, especially just having heard a clip of him talking on the phone with Eunteuk where he’s all shy. I bet if other people had been there he wouldn’t have been this crazy ;) But I like it. I hope they’re all like this on their reality show.

Also, I’m officially a TaeminxKey shipper. Actually I liked them ever since I saw that iple pic of them together with a white teddy (soooo cute) and also after seeing them dance to Do It Well but now I reaaaaaaaaaally love them together. They’re so awkward when they try to bump chests. It’s as if Taemin’s a girl and Key doesn’t feel comfortable having to touch her his chest. Ahaha, boys. But the best part would be Onew leaning against the wall. He’s all like ‘this is the way to do it’ and then fails miserably XDD AHAHA I love that boy!!!!

IDK if Jonghyun and Minho were trying to do some handshake or what but it sure was special since instead of using their fists they used the back of their arms. Cute <3

And I’ve decided Key needs a role. Even though he has difficulty holding a straight face most of the time, I think he can act ;) He can change his voice and facial expressions in like a second. He sure is a boy with many talents ^^

Btw, I’m really starting to like their clothes. I have a thing for printed t-shirts like the ones they’re wearing and the colours are becoming less and less blinding too :)

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