Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 11, 2008

Estranged Cinderella ♥

Happy 25th Birthday, Heechul

Every sentence either has a picture, or a video – have fun clicking :D (pictures can be enlarged)

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Kim Heechul is the weirdest person in Kpop and the rest of the world, but that’s exactly why we love him

Heechul’s 100 Questions and Answers (click photos -> Heaven -> type in “100” in the box below the page numbers on the bottom of the page and click search)


Is unaware of an appropriate time for changing out of wet t-shirts


Master of pranks

Full House






And Crack Dances


Tell Me


Heebum makes me jealous cos Heechul cuddles and abuses him everyday while naked


Eccentric is defined as Kim Heechul in the dictionary


Engrish vocabulary of Heechuls consist of “yo” “man” “touch” “come on” and of course “Super Junior

Evidence One

Evidence Two


Cinderella is what Heechul becomes after the clock strikes 12 which is ironic because unlike the real Cinderella, he turns into a not-so-normal girl


Hardly manly, because despite Heechul’s best efforts, he’s better off as a girl <3


Unfazed by rumours, cool and witty Heechul is a big softie inside


Loving you….
Has made my life so beautiful….
And every day of my life
Is filled with loving you….
Loving you….
I see your soul come shining through….
And everytime that we….
Oh I’m more in love with you….


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEECHUL!!! The picture you have of him in those rainbow pajamas reminds me of his pink pajamas. He’s so darn pretty, proven by the fact that girls have broken up with their boyfriends over him (poor Yunho). I have to agree that he is the weirdest person in Kpop that I know of, but that’s what makes him so lovable. I still love watching his Tell Me dance, especially when he winks. He really likes doing it too, lol. Seeing that picture of him and Heebum reminded me of how he came up with its name. I think there’s also a hilarious video of Heebum attacking Heechul. The video where he was on Star Golden Bell made me think of his character in the Goong parody where he played the princess. He made me laugh the most when I watched that, and he is so convincing as a girl. It was so cute how shy he was when he took off his shirt :) As eccentric as he may be, he’s still able to become emotional. I love him so much :D

  2. Happy Birthday ‘Rellachul!!!

    Good job on the bday post guys. I especially love that pic of him in that cracktastic rainbow ‘jammies. And his pose is pure gold!

    He really is the most lovable weirdo ever. I hope he gets his bday wish this year (“an unbearably cute girlfriend”). ‘Coz I know he recently denied his “ships” with Yunho/Siwon/Hankyung/Kibum/Jay etc. But until he gets a proper girlfriend I’m gonna continue to believe and live in the magic of bromance. *_____*

  3. Abc123zyx:
    I love the Wonder Girls, but Heechul PWNS at the Tell Me dance XD

    I watched a video of Heebum attacking Yesung XD

    Hahaha, the Goong parody XDDD Leeteuk was SUCH a hot prince *____*

    Haha, that picture is such a “heechul” pic XD

    That’s his birthday wish? Well he’ll have to keep wishing, cos I’m not going to Korea anytime soon :P

    “bromance” lmao XDD

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