Posted by: lovediaries | July 11, 2008

OK Magazine – July feat. DBSK

{credit: primunni @ dbsg}

I’m not exactly sure where this picture is from because the credits say “Okay magazine July08” but the title of the post from which I got this picture said that it’s from the Thai version of a DBSK Photobook? So I am very confused :S

But anyways…

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I actually find the boys most sexy when they’re wearing an open shirt as opposed to fully exposing their top half. I think it works the same way for boys doesn’t it?

I recall reading an interview of some sort once where some guy was saying how girls are sexier when they’re not completely showing off their “assets” because that way the guy’s imagination can run wild? Lol It was some celebrity, I’m sure, who said that. But it’s true, isn’t it?

It’s a pity Chun is only revealing his collarbone BUT it’s still sexy though. Funny coz just last night I was discussing with beckery and pinkandsparkly how sexy collarbones were. So there there, Yoochun, don’t look so depressed about having to wear a shirt that isn’t opened ^^.

Changmin looks really yummy, as usual. And I’m glad his arms are no longer stick-thin. It makes me happy to see they’re all looking healthy, actually :D


  1. Yay, open shirts! You’re right, open shirts are very smexy. XD Yes, Chun’s collarbone is lovely. Actually, Chun’s just lovely in general.

    I have to say, I’m not sure I really like Chun’s outfit…? Maybe it’s the pants? I dunno, he just looks….not like himself. I don’t think I’m making sense anymore. Oh well.

    XD And yay for the random tree in the middle! (Is it sad that that’s the first thing I noticed? Probably.) It was “WHOA TREE” and then “ooh…”

  2. ^Lol yeah I don’t like Chun’s outfit either. I think that’s why he’s wearing that pout and is slightly slouching? He’s…not very into it ahaha xDD

    Lol okay, I didn’t even look at the tree until you said it. I knew it was there (I think) but I didn’t actually spend enough time staring at it to actually go “oh a tree!” XD But now that you mention it, the tree looks dry and dead…:S

  3. Of course Chun would be pissed that he did not have me an adequate image to make my heart race. We all know that is his mission in life…

    He phoned me right after the shoot and said sorry but the stylists covered up his rock hard body and would not believe him when he explained his girlfriend would be pissed.

    …ROFL He looks like he needs to hit up a bathroom.

    Junsu on the other hand could easily be Indiana Jones! <33

  4. ^LMAO, I gotta learn to stop everything I’m doing when I read your comments coz I just spurted water everywhere XDD

    LOL He needs to hit up a bathroom XD Possibly. And yes Junsu can easily be Indiana Jones. Changmin on the otherhand, can easily be my……idk, something fun ;) Argh, he’s so hot !!!

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