Posted by: beckery | July 11, 2008

Super Junior – MBC Every1 BoomUp

Leeteuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Yesung are going to be MCs for the new MBC Every1 show, BoomUp. Lol, I have absolutely no idea what the show is about, but theres bound to be heaps of KangTeuk action XDDDD..Maybe they should of added Donghae in so I can have my daily dose of EunHae =_= Actually, they should have just added all Suju members in so we can have another EHB/Full House show!!

Heres the Preview with Teuk, Kangin and Eunhyuk.

Credits to anniieeL @ youtube

So they’re just sitting around and Eunhyuk is being inconsiderate cuz his sitting smack in the middle of Teuk and Kangin haha. Then a lil boy comes along..  OMG HAHAHA Even if you dont want to watch the clip, at least watch the part starting at 14secs XDDDD From my limited Korean I deducted that Kangin asked the boy “Who is your favourite idol?” and Hyuk does this pose which is all “I think Im top shit” and then the boy says…*drum roll*.. DBSK (Highlight to find out =P) ROFL Then they have the whole dramatic lightning effect and sad bg music. The boys are all “=_= and Kangin is like “I like them too” OMG HAHAHAHA You seriously gotta watch their reactions, soooo funny!!! The rest of the clip is just a preview of the show I think. I spot In Young so I’m assuming the girls are from Jewelry.

Theres also a Yesung preview. Watch *here* Awww Yesung is infinitely adorable here!! Although I feel sorry for him, I still found it really funny. Especially the random guys hahha..Poor yesung! <3 

A little translation of the clip. Credits to aimeehime @ soompi

Yesung: So… who is your favorite idol group?
Kid: Super Junior!
Yesung:  *pats kid on back* caption on Yesung: “Then I am..”
Kid: But Hyung… who are you?
Yesung:  *stabbed with arrow*
Yesung caption: “So who am I?”

Passerby1: “There is no Yesung in Super Junior?”
Passerby2: “Who is that? Never heard of the name…”
Yesung: =((((((


According to Ringy (hands you a rose <3), “It is a variety show which different stars will appear on. The first show was on July 10th at 11:05pm” and she has kindly provided links to SJ markets for photos: *here* and *here* The boys look lovely, except how come Leeteuk’s clothes (except for those pants =_=) looks like something I would wear?!? Hahaha


  1. The “highlight the name part to find out” killed me. It’s vair interactive. I like it. ^_^

    YESUNG, ILU!!!! He’s my fave SuJu cos no one bothers to fave him. x____x

  2. OMFG Okay the clip was funny, but your post was ever funnier….”Eunhyuk is being inconsiderate cuz his sitting smack in the middle of Teuk and Kangin” LMFAO!

    Super Junior always ask who people like best, whether it be between members or groups, and they MUST practice the facial expression after because they are too perfect. It is like a little acknowledging nod or some frown. Kangin just LOL. Your too great. But Eeteuk actually makes me wanna cry! I know he is just such a little cutie pie, I cannot even help it!

    AND I AM FLYING TO KOREA TO GIVE YESUNG A HUG! At the end when he is like trying to tell the kid but cannot get the words out. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    There is soo going to be Kangteuk, I know he was like destroying Eetuek’s stand up but I secretly think he is going to get it after the set. <333333 Without the head maybe but whatever.

    From what I have heard it is a variety show which different stars will appear on (*cough*Shinee please*cough*). The first show was on July 10th at 11:05pm. Which kill me for not staying updated I could have watched live! But I saw some pictures. EETEUK GETS ATTACKED BY A DOG AGAIN! Jokes, they are on super market: And I am downloading right now. Please hurry up clubbox!!!

  3. OH OH OH these ones look nicer:

    Kangin: *pats kids’ head and is confident he’ll say Super Junior*
    Kid: DBSK
    Eunteuk: *too shocked for words*
    Kangin: Yep, I knew it
    Kid: What? Did I say something wrong???
    Eunteuk: Of course, who else would it be?
    Kangin: Mm, couldn’t agree more.
    EunteuK: It’s getting kinda chilly, eh?
    Teuk: *sigh* I fail at life
    Kid: lalalalala

    AND LMAO @ Yesung. Omg he’s so adorable with his -_- face
    And that kid AHAHAHA I love him too XD

  5. XD The previews were hilarious! I wanted to just reach out and give them all a hug =\ Poor Yesung looked so adorably depressed, teehee.

    And Eunteuk’s expressions in the first one….roflmao. Poor boys. That kid is really oblivious. xD

  6. moonynim
    Lol thank you, glad you liked it XD Awww I LOVE YESUNG, his just umm not my favourite cuz my heart belongs to Eunhyuk already hehe, but hey at least then we wont fight over them right?

    *hugs* Thanks for the links and info. I was too lazy to search for the info myself haha. Also, I’m glad you thought my post was funny. I try, but most of the time it ends up lame, so I’m glad I got someone laughing XDD

    But my gosh, doesnt Suju just love asking people who they like most out of the members. I can give you a dozen examples right away since it practically ALWAYS happened during EHB episodes where they had guests haha and Kangin’s reactions always cracks me up ROFL!! The bitterness, disappointment and sadness is soo exaggerated hahaha.

    And YES Please take me with you. I’ll give Yesung a big fat hug aswell, no we can all give him a group huddle. The poor boy <333

    ROFL That little boy is soooo adorable!! And the whole effect they had going was super funny. The lightning, rain clouds, background music. Haha nice work! But of course their reactions were totally priceless! XDD

    Hahaha yea I cant wait till the episodes are subbed, since the preview is sooo funny! Its ok, the boys know their loved…BY US ^_^

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