Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 12, 2008

DBSK Pimps Haptic

Pictures: Blaze + Uruchai + geekazoinks @ Soompi

Thank you Abc123zyx for telling us about these, the pictures are so HOT *_____________________*

I’m loving these pairings, especially because Jaeho aren’t together (not that I have anything against Jaeho) and Changmin finally has someone :DDDD.

I’m not sure why they’re posing with the Haptic….cos I personally don’t pose with my phone in a boxing ring XD But I’m not complaining, cos EEEE COLLAR BONES :DDDDDDDDDDDDD They make me so happy~~

I really like Jae’s pictures cos the phone he’s posing with looks exactly like mine XDD

I wonder if there are more of these floating around?


  1. Jaejoong looks really tan! I almost didn’t recognize him (in the thumbnails I mean).

    I’m loving the Yoomin/Hosu but I’m not sure what to think about lonely-tan-JJ. lol

  2. His chest is so much more tanned than his feet XDDDDDD

    He’s not lonely….I’m sitting next to him :P I’m just not in the photo ;)

  3. alskjflaksjflkjasdf abc123zyx COME HERE AND LET ME CUDDLE YOU :DD here, have my first born rofl. I saw the Hosu pic a while ago but it seemed odd that only those two were filming so I thought nothing of it. But omg YOOMIN, FATHER MY BABIES, PLEASE ♥___♥

    Seriously, to all my friends who say Changmin is ugly, they really need to clean their eyes out. He is a MAN. A manly boy or a boyish man. But either way he’s all “Hello ladies, let me buy you a drink”. Well, I’d like for him to say that to me, anyway XD GAH. HOT.

  4. Also, Jae can manage by himself. If Junsu went around Tokyo all nigel then Jae can film a CF with nothing but his phone…and possibly pas…or so she’d like to think ;)

  5. *ring ring*

    Bec: *picks up phone* “Oh hi bb, shouldnt u be working, why are you calling me?”
    Jae: “Its cuz I miss you!! We should be doing photoshoots for the new Haptic phones, but I decided to try out the model they gave me and called you instead! Do you miss me?”
    Bec: “Hmmm You know I always do. But you shouldnt be distracted when working. Go and do your smexy photoshoot and kill all the fangirls out there and come home and kill meXDDDD!!!”

    LOL so you see guys, Jae wasnt exactly posing with the phone but he was actually talking to me. However, if this was real then you probably wont hear from me ever again cuz I’d be kill by fans be in hideout with him on some exotic island XDDDDD

  6. ^LOL. Nice story :)

    I love these two. I would really love to see a Yoomin boxing match :D
    I didn’t notice how tan Jae was. He looks really really good though.

  7. Canned Ice:
    See those curtains? Yea, I was BEHIND those curtains xP

    You want YOOMIN to father your babies? BOTH of them? O__O

    Changmin’s gorgeous <333


    Exotic island? Really? O___O I can’t see Jae on an exotic island. That boy needs to be somewhere where there’s SHOPS :P

    Lol, I reckon Changmin would win :P

    His chest looks really dark compared to his foot XD

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