Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2008

The Contemporary Noona Killers

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

ROFL this clip was so funny XDD I’ve always wondered what was the big deal with being a ‘contemporary’ band but now I realise the importance in emphasising it XD

SHINee are labelled as “noona killers” and have been claimed to cause the nations’ noonas into being in a state of confusion. It’s actually true considering the number of people who were all “!?!?!?! I can’t be a noona fan !?!?!?!?”. Then the voiceover says how over the past 10 years many bands have become embarrassed because of their concepts from debut and LMAO guess who came up on the screen? DBSK!! ROFL. They weren’t the only ones of course but I didn’t imagine they would be putting DBSK there. Except its understandable coz they were in their “The Way U Are” outfits *cringe*

They talk about their fashion concept which is called the European Contemporary look. Ooh-la-la. And I wondered why the heck they had a pic of Taemin sticking his butt out and AHAHA the voiceover says that with this European Contemporary look, they have to wear their underwear differently XDD But omg poor Taemin! All 3 pictures were of him XDD

But omg THE FUNNIEST PART COMES NEXT AHAHA. About 30% of school age males now have bowlcuts LOL *dies in fits of laughter*. I actually came up with a theory as to why Taemin has a bowlcut. It would make sense to give the youngest an ugly hairstyle coz that way they’re toning down the sexX factor? I mean, everytime Taemin has his hair pinned back fans are all aslkjfsljfalsflaksjf so the bowlcut is probably there to keep fans calm and sane.

AND THAT BOY! IS THE BOY ! Damn, what’s his name? Beckery tells me his name is Dong Hyun. [OMG that is like the PERFECT name. It’s a combination of Donghae and Kyuhyun *WEEEEEEEEEEEE*]. He was on the ep of SGB when Hyuk, Sungmin and Yesung were on and he is SO CLEVER AND CUTE. ARGH, anyone know his name? He’s someone famous’ son, right? But lol he compliments Taemin and is so squishy ^_____^

THEN they ask Taemin to ‘film a shampoo commercial’ and omg GAHHHH lol his smile is like CHA CHA CHA *sounds of flashing rays* and his hair really does look quite silky…

The host then asks the boys what the short track dance is and AHAHA IT MAKES SENSE XD They’re going ahead in a race lol. Actually that step is the one I remember most clearly and can visualise most when I’m listening to the song coz it’s where they go “ah ah ah”.

And more motherly Key talk :DDDD Aw, he’s such a sweet dumpling. They have some footage from filming their MV and ITS SO CUTE! Onew is like “Key, come over here” and Key goes “SHHHHHHH” alskjflasjflaskjfsd. And when he says “noona…you’re really pretty” *dies a million times*!!!!!


Yeah, sorry, I get reeeeeeally wordy when it comes to SHINee videos. But I can’t help it! I mean, we’re all still trying to learn what they’re like, right? ^______^


  1. Omg, 30% of Korean school children have bowl cuts?


    That is so so tragic ;____;

    I like your Taemin theory, it makes sense o^n^o

  2. ^ROFL, I thought omg someone’s pretending to be pinkandsparkly coz of your pic and then I saw your comment and was like ‘oh no, it’s pinkandsparkly pretending to be someone else’ XDD

    Lol of course my theory makes sense…I always make sense…don’t I? ;)

  3. Taemin is such an adorable dumpling ^_^ That might not be the best word but he is so adorable =.= I thought it was kinda funny how all three underwear pics were of him. 30% of school children have bowl cuts? Oh no…

    I love Key. He’s such a sweet mother, ironing clothes and warming up food. He is so lovable <33

  4. ^Taemin was so cute with his hair squish. He’s so .. IDK, is delicate the right word? Ahaha yeah actually I noticed his undies during their performances too so I guess I’m not surprised…though I was hoping there’d be pics of the other members flashing their underwear too XD

  5. “I mean, everytime Taemin has his hair pinned back fans are all aslkjfsljfalsflaksjf so the bowlcut is probably there to keep fans calm and sane.”

    He looks 100000000000 times better with his bangs pinned back, but I think this is true … XD. It keeps the noona fans in check, ahahahahahah.

    They’re all so cute <33333333333.

  6. ^Imagine what would happen when Taemin gets a new hairstyle O.o Lol I’d be afraid if I was him xP The bowlcut acts as a safety measure after all ;)

  7. Key is super cute ^-^ and so is Dong Hyun. He is so awesome on SGB. He is Kim GuRa’s son, the guy who got famous for blasting celebrities.

  8. ^Hmm I don’t know who Kim Gura is … :S But I’ll forever rmbr DongHyun’s name. Such a cutie <3

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