Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 14, 2008

DBSK 23rd single Off-shot movie + scans of lyric booklet

Video: puahvivian2 @ Youtube

Er….I don’t know why, but I can’t hear anything O___O

But the video’s got Chinese subtitles, so I’ll try translate it ^^

The video shows the boys filming their scenes for the DBSK version of the MV (which I still haven’t watched XD), and taking pictures for the album cover and lyric pages.

They show JJ first, and you see him looking all angelic *__* and…..did he take a picture of his photo on the computer with his phone? XDDD That’s what it looked like. He then said “why do I like everyone?” and runs away XD

Changminnie’s next, and he looked so handsome in his white outfit ^__^ and he said “please spend the summer with DBSK’s “why have I fallen in love with you”. SURE :D. Well, it’s winter here, but whatever :P

You then see them posing for the cover photo, and the photographer told Changmin to “relax a little”, and JJ patted Changmin on the shoulder, and said “relax, relax”…but then he fell over XD

Then it’s Yunho’s turn, and you see him playing around with a massive camera (great for stalking with), but he kinda fails at photography, cos he told the cameraman that he didn’t get the object he was photographing into the photo XDD Yunho’s really cute in this, you see him playing around with one of those massive sun umbrellas (maybe he was trying to be Marry Poppins? He can come be my nanny anytime :P).

After Yunho, Junsu talked about how the song sounds really good when you listen to it first thing in the morning, but adds that it’s a good song to listen to whenever.

After they finish filming, they bring out a cake and sing happy birthday to Micky (who looked really surprised), and like with all Dong Bang birthdays, they smeared cake on his face XD They also gave him flowers (aww) and he said “thank you”, but then Yunho started waving like the queen, and saying “thank you, thank you”, and the guy next to him went “it’s not you =.=” XDDD.

At the end of the video, Micky showed off the birthday present JJ gave him, a ring *___*

Here are the photos from the inside leaflets of their single:

I’mJustKeed’In gave us these awhile ago, but I’ve been super busy recently, so I’ll just add it to this post ^___^

Pictures: DNBN


  1. o_o *blink* yuchun’s stare is soo deadly
    ionno im not loving this photoshoot, maybe the lighting, or plain concept
    but the single is awesome anyway, catchy and easy to sing with
    btw changmin is sooo stiff on the cover XD lol aha but the rest is okay

  2. deadly? haha~~

    I’m not loving this photoshoot either, the photos look too foggy =.=

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