Posted by: potensvita | July 14, 2008

Manwon Happiness with STEPHANIE is with SUBS now

Watch. or. die.

Manwon Happiness is out. This show is one of the funniest show ever now after Xman and Love letter had been dropped. So, the whole focus of the show is that, they will choose two contestants from the big number of celebs and then, they will compete with one another.

How do they compete?

They were given 10 000 won approximately 10 USD to survive a week. It is well, too little. So, in the end of the week, they will review how many they used. So, they starved themselves and well, what I like the most about this show is, I can see my favourite artists and then, the interactions between them and well… it is pure love.


I will edit this post back or maybe beckery should. ^^

credit : unspeakablecjbnet @ youtube.

To watch : click here for the playlist.

ah… happy. <3


  1. I FINALLY SAW IT!!!! OMG I’ve been capped so I couldnt watch it, but I finally did and OMG IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

    Wannie looks absolutely gorgeous here. It was during his 1st jib promotion and I LOVE HIS CLOTHES!! OMG seriously, he should keep sticking to that style cuz it suits him sooo sooo well. He look really classy and smexy and hot and Im drooling everywhere XDDD

    But zomg the DORK IS REVEALED!!! Hahaha how can a man hitting his 30’s be such a dork, a very cute dork <3333 His such a kid at heart. The way he does the missions crack me up, its like a kid finding someone to play with. PLUS theres heaps and heaps and heaps of Minwoo in here. MinWan is so much pawnage ^^ One Shinhwa member is dorkiness, two Shinhwa members together is just pure craziness hahaha and well all six of them together is just LOVE!!

    And his cooking adventure never fails to crack me up.. oh oh and his sooooo smart. You have to watch the part where he goes to the supermarket to eat for free LOL Its hilarious to see such a big star scab food like that ^^ *sighs* After watching this, I think I just love this man 348797243 times more, which really isnt possible cuz I love him so much already hahaha XDD

    OoooOOOOoo and Stephanie is sooooo adorable here and well very sexy. Hahahaha all the guests keeps telling her to do the body wave and omg it makes me have a nosebleed and I’m a girl!!! Man this girl is such a sex bomb. But one minute shes so hot, the next shes like the biggest dork aswell hahaha..In one part, she hid under the table to hide from the PD and I was laughing soooo much hahahaha…Oh and u gotta see the manwon present she made, zomg she’s soooo talented!!!

    Tis was a very good Manwon episode, definitely a must watch <3333 Theres heaps of cameos by stars too and gosh I love it when fandom collides. Um Hyuk, Shindong and Yesung helped out with Stephanie’s mission and zomg those boys were so high. The kept talking and butting and talking more and are just pure crack LOL.. There was also Kangin, who was helping DW cheat lol and Brian from FTTS..HAHA that guy is so funny <33 and omg there was Battle aswell!!

    Ok will shut up now XD

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