Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 14, 2008

Some Big Bang ♥

I’ve put one of their songs in the sidebar, but I just read Ringy’s comment about how she doesn’t know much about them, so I thought I’d do a pimp post for her (and everyone else) who hasn’t been exposed to the awesomeness that is Big Bang :D.

First of all, I reaaaaally didn’t like Big Bang when they first came out. Their name made me laugh (I’m so  mature, lmao XD) their image was really gangsta, and everyone was talking about “Lies“, so I was all “ewww, they’re so overrated”. But recently I’ve been youtubing Wonder Girls, and I watched one of their special stages with Big Bang, and the BB boys were so cuuuute, so I had to find out more about them ^^. So I youtubed them some more, and watched the mini drama they did with Wonder Girls (watch if if you haven’t already, it’s so CUTE), and fell in lust with G-Dragon XD.

After that, I wiki-ed them, and found that G-Dragon has the same birthday as me (different year), so I had to go download their album XD (i have a very unique way of thinking ;) ). Anyway, I downloaded the two Japanese albums they released, and I was soooo impressed :D! First of all, their “Japanese” album basically just had all their good Korean songs, in English, which is really awesome cos I can understand English XD. Their English pronunciation is also really good (well, you can’t compare it to an ABC, but it’s good for people who haven’t studied abroad).

I’ll start by helping everyone recognise them, cos that’s always what I have trouble with (well, that and distinguishing voices XD). From left to right: Daesung; TOP; TaeYang; Seungri; G-Dragon.

Daesung: Tbh, I didn’t like him a first, cos everytime I looked at him, I found myself thinking “omg, where are his EYES” XDD It’s quite hypocritical of me, cos I have single eyelids, haha XD. But then I youtubed some more, and omg, he has such a gorgeous voice, and he’s such a HUGE dork XDD Besides, he reminds me of a penguin, and penguins are cute xP

TOP: His voice was really easy to recognise, it’s soooo unique. He’s one of the rappers, and his voice is very low and rough-ish. He’s the oldest in the group (21?) but he’s not the leader. From the youtubing that I’ve done so far, he seems to be kinda quiet, and always let’s his dongsang’s take the spotlight ^^. Ooohh, and he really likes sunglasses XD

TaeYang: One of the lead singers. He just released a solo album (and he’s holding a solo concert soon). He’s got a really nice voice, I was really impressed *___* He seems really polite and shy ^^

Seungri: Magnae of the group (18), and sooooooo cute ^__^ He talks to himself, lmao XD I think he choreographs some of their dances? But I like him cos he’s so weird (unique?) XDDD. Ooo, and he’s a Junsu fanboy *___* I just watched his episode of Manwon Happiness, and omg, he was so funny on that XD. He worked in a supermarket so the supermarket owners would sell him broccoli for a cheaper price, so he could eat it and get rid of the dark circles under his eyes XD (it’s really not as random as it sounds, you just have to watch the show, haha).

G-Dragon: My favourite BB boy, cos he’s so TALENTED, omg. He wrote the music and lyrics for two of BB’s most popular songs: Lies, and Last Farewell. And he’s only NINETEEN. I feel so unaccomplished compared to him >____< He’s the leader of BB, even though he’s one of the younger ones (TOP and TaeYang are older) and he dresses really nice *___* I love my music geniuses, and it helps when they wear nice clothes :PP Ooo, and him and TaeYang are also Church boys, so that earns them a gazillion brownie points <3333

Okay, enough about the boys, let’s talk about their MUSIC

Our long-time readers may have noticed that we rarely upload actual mp3, we tend to only upload previews. This is because we don’t want to get sued :P So I’ll just include Youtube links ^^. Oh, and I’m mainly pimping their English songs, cos I prefer the English versions to the Korean ones (mainly cos I can understand them XD).

As I’ve mentioned in my sidebar, their song “With U” is reaaaally good, and SO catchy *___* “I wanna rock with you, dance with you, do everything with you. Run around in the rain with you, everyday now only you~~~“. I won’t link it here, you can just click on the link in the sidebar ^^. Oh, and the shoes they wear in the MV are really cool XD THEY GLOW *___* I have the same Nikes, but mine don’t glow :((

Last Farewell – Written by GD. One of their more popular songs. The song is super catchy, and sooooo easy to get stuck in your head. The English pronunciation in this is really good, I could understand 90% ^^. My favourite rap bit was “If there’s anyone, I’ll straight run ’em Unafraid of all, GD stun ’em” XDD

Together Forever – Nice R&B song, actually reminded me of an Usher song. Daesung and TaeYang sounds really good in this, and Seungri probably sounds good too, except I still can’t recognise his voice XD *Flails*

Lies – I’m sure EVERYONE has heard this song by now. In the English version, the rap is still in Korean, but hay, at least the chorus is in English ^__^. The orchestral performance of this song that they did at the MKMF awards was amazing, and is a must watch; they all wore masks. I have this thing for masks – masquerade ones – they look really nice, especially with suits *____*

Always – a really happy song ^^. I really like the MV for this, I think they shot it in Hawaii, so you see them on the beach and they all look really happy ^__^

Oh Ma Baby – They didn’t do an English version of this :( But the Korean version is really nice. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Daesung‘s voice in this. It’s sooooooooooo NICE *____* I really like the melody of this song, and normally I hate ballads with rap in them (it just seems out of place) but it went really well with this song. The Youtube link has English subs, and the lyrics are so SWEEEEET <333

Dirty Cash – Lol, when I first saw the title, I thought it would be a really gangsta song, but the MV is actually really funny XD It reminded me of Suju T’s Rokugoh (I think it’s the sequined jackets XD). I probably wouldn’t like this song if I didn’t watch the MV, but the MV just turns you into a fan XDDD.

Wow, I haven’t written a 1000+ post in a long time O__O I could go on more about them, and give you a bunch of videos (cos their videos are so FUNNY) but I doubt anyone’s still reading this XD I might do a BB video post some other time, but IF you’re still reading this *looks around an empty room :( * go watch their Change episode, and also Seungri’s Manwon Happiness episodes. Both are subbed and up on Youtube~

I hope I managed to convert at least one person with this very very long and wordy post XDD


  1. AHAHAHAHA omg just last night I was watching their special stages with the Wonder Girls <33. (Have you seen their rehearsals for Tell Me with Wonder Girls too? Taeyang was so shy when he was dancing with Sunye in the rehearsal, but alskdjflds they were so hot together in the actual performance.) I love Big Bang! Daesung’s my favorite (you should watch him in ‘Family Outing’!!), although Taeyang’s trying to push him out of that spot lol.

    But yeah, they are so talented. I hear G-Dragon is supposed to release a solo album sometime in the fall and I’m really, really stoked for that.

    (*clings* how are you?? <33)

  2. Thank you so much!!! I’ve always wanted to read a pimpage post on Big Bang cause they usually introduce me to music I would’ve never have otherwise listened to. I actually had a few songs from them, but I never really got into the group like I did with other ones and until now, I never could or never tried telling them apart. I love your little description of each member :D I really like Last Farewell, Lies, and Next Day, and the With You intro. I read somewhere about how Seungri’s one of the weirdest members of Big Bang and I thought he was the cutest one :]

  3. It’s about time! LOL.

    These guys are so talented it hurts. >_< You should go check out their practice videos over at youtube and you’ll be amazed at their sheer awesomeness.

    Oh and I’m with you with the GD love! Let’s spazz together, pls. ‘Coz all my friends are team TOP. Le sigh.

    I can’t wait for GD’s mini-album. Which will be released alongside BB’s new album (August). Mr. YG is taking all my money. T_T

  4. wurd~ i love them boys.. they are so very talented.. and i’m impressed by the fact that they always sing live!!!

    it’s funny b/c i just finished watching that big bang documentary that yg put them through before they were official big bang. and i was amazed at their talent, when they were even younger!!

    and props to gd and taeyang for sticking through the yg training for 7+ years…. i do believe.

    @spazzes – i’m excited as well for his solo album, as much as he is the rapper of the group. i like his singing voice as well…. especially his solo song ‘this love’

    thanks for the pimpage >.<

  5. Spazzeeees:
    I went and watched the rehearsal video after I read your comment, and you’re right, Taeyang was sooo shy ^__^ He’s so cuuuuute~~ (and tiny, rofl XD)

    I haven’t watched Daesung’s family outing yet, but Daesung’s such a dork, I’m sure it’s hilarious XD.

    GD and Seungri are my favourites; GD cos he’s a genius, and Seungri cos he’s SO unusual XD.

    I heard that he’s releasing his solo album in august (EVERYONE is releasing something in august, dammit). Ooo, and GD said that he’s finished work on BB’s album, so I’m really looking forward to that ^^.

    I’m good~~ Just doing lots of eating and drama-watching in my pjs XD

    You’re welcome :3

    It took me ages to get into BB (for reasons I’ve already mentioned in the post), but now I luuuurve them ^^.

    I SUCK at telling people apart; I think everyone looks the same XDDD It took me awhile to tell Seungri and GDragon apart (they looked THE SAME) but now I think I can do it…maybe….XD

    Seungri’s reaaaally unusual XD Go watch his Manwon Happiness challenge with Yoona!! You’ll love him after you see that :P If you can’t find it, let me know cos I think I favourited it ^__^

    Which practise videos are you talking about?? I watched this video of GD dancing to Pussycat Dolls (he was really good, lol XD).

    I remember reading about how TOP is the most popular BB member, but my heart goes to GD and Seungri :P

    They’re quite good singers! I used to think that they could just rap *shakes head*

    Ooo, where’s the documentary???? I’ve been looking for a subbed version…

    Yea, but you can see that the seven years paid off; they’re both so talented ^^

  6. mmhm, i found most of them on youtube..

    a particular account that i saw that had some subs was “frostsg”

    there was another account, but i can’t seem to remember.

    here’s the link to the first part of the first episode:

    credits go to frostsg @youtube

  7. AHH, you are so nice!! <333 I was secretly hoping you would do a pimp post or something to tell me more! LMAO Don’t kill me, I am just so lazy!!!!!!!!!

    I always liked TOP the best whenever I saw videos/information. In the mini-drama his face when the girl walks by is SOO funny. Completely obvious and awkward. And when he drops the broom he looks like stunned! And the end… soooooo creepy. To be honest, I would probably be a G-Dragon fan with you but… I just know he is short! =(( And it makes it hard for me to spazz appropriately. Even if he is still awesome. OMG and his omma is just to perfection.

    LMAO I did the exact birthday thing you did with Super Junior! Donghae has the same birthday as me! I was so excited!! Now on my birthday I will probably me writing posts about how about I love him rather than caring about myself!!

    From your description it seems like Seungri is just amazing. Talks to himself? He can talk to me! And I actually heard of him being a fanboy lol! I need to see the Manwon Happiness show now!!!! And GD… he makes me feel underachieved to! Actually all artists do. I am here spazzing over them will they are doing something to be spazzed over!!! T-T

    LIES AT MKMF WAS AMAZING! I loved every moment of it. If I was in the audience I would fully be standing on my chair dancing! Some people were like idley clapping. I would be doing a BODY CLAP. Trust me, I do not know how I would manage to do it. But it would be utterly disgusting and I would be it alot.

    I think my favourite song by them is “We Belong Together” so far. I love it! “Lies” & “With U” are on a repeat spree though. I am in lyric learning mode = constant repeats and me being fail.

    You have soooo managed to convert me, I will look for that Change episode to! And if you realllly want to you can FULLY do that video post! :DDDDDDD


  8. Yonheet55:
    Thank you!!!

    I saw a cut from ep.10 of GD crying, it was so sad :(

    You’re welcome :DDD!!!

    TOP is really attractive~ I loved his hair in the Change episode, SO HOT. Lol, yea, they’re ALL short XDD (except for TOP), I think GD is the same height as me? And Taeyang is shorter? XDD

    You and Donghae have the same birthday????? That’s so cooooooooooooool :DD

    Lol, I really want to see what the fans do for GD on his birthday, then I can pretend that it’s for me too XDDD (I’m really strange). But boooo, I wish I had rich fans :(

    Have you watched Manwon Happiness yet? Tell me if you need the link ^^ Seungri is AWESOME. He’s sooooooooooooooo weird XDDD.

    Body clap? XD. But yea, that performance was SOOO COOOOOOOOOOL. ESPECIALLY THE USE OF THE ORCHESTRA AND MASKS!!! Ooo, and GD had really nice hair in that ep :P

    Hahaha, I’ve given up on learning the lyrics, I such too much XD

    I might do a video post next week, I’ll see if I have enough videos to do a full post ^___^

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