Posted by: lovediaries | July 15, 2008

SM Town Live ’08 Message

{credit + translation: mickytoho @ youtube}

DBSK: hi, we’re dong bang shin ki!
SUJU: hi, we’re super junior happy!
SNSD: hi, we’re snsd!
Shinee: hi, we’re shiny shinee!
DBSK: smtown live ’08!
SUJU: 2008, august 15th!
Shinee: 2008, august 15th!
SUJU: the smtown live concert will open!

DBSK: at the concert, you’ll see DBSK.
SUJU: the smtown family will finally gather in one place!
SNSD: it’s a special stage we’re preparing with the whole smtown family.
DBSK: it’s a special stage that all of the smtown family members are doing our best to prepare.
Shinee: we’re working hard to prepare for it.

DBSK: smtown live – the concert to cool you down this summer of 2008!
SNSD: we’ll wait for you at the smtown live ’08.
Shinee: please come to the jamsil main arena to see us!
SUJU: we’ll see you on august 15, 2008!
we’re suju!
Shinee: we’re shiny shinee!
SNSD: it’s girl’s generation now!
DBSK: we’ll see you all there!


I’m loving Changmin in those white frames ~ JaeChun are wearing matching pants :D

Only SJH (minus Kangin) is there and aw they’re so cute. This is the first time I’ve heard them introduce themselves as “Super Juni-Happy-ORR” XD

I love how SHINee finish their message with a “Thank you”. They’re such sweet boys ^^

SNSD are also there. Too bad CSJH or ZLY weren’t :(

I’ve been listening to CSJH’s Japanese album over the past few days and getting all pumped for their performance :D

beckery: Things to note:

  1. How they were bowing when each group introduced themselves. One of the users were commenting on the degrees in which each group bow and the user wrote that DBSK = 30, Suju H = 45, SNSD = 30/45 and SHINee *drum roll* was a whole 90 degrees!!! LOL AWWW The boys are sooooo adorable <3333
  2. At the beginning, SHINee went after SNSD and ROFLMAO Their voices were so high and cute and girlish-like *squeals* hahaha. After you hear SNSD’s voices and then you hear SHINee’s its just really…LOL (Im so mean haha, but gosh the boys are just so squishy) XDDDDDDD
  3. Micky and Jae’s pink pants. OMO I WANT THEM as in the boys AND the pants XD!!! The colour is really nice, its like a coral-ish, pastel pink and I would soooo wear it!!!
  4. Changmin looks super nerdy and dorkish here LOL XDD The white frame glasses, the flat hair and omg his top! The top looks like theres actually a medallion sewn onto it haha. Any guesses where he won the medallion from? =P
  5. Junsu’s dolphin screech at the end HAHAHAHAHA I think i nearly rolled off my chair from laughing cuz it was just so random!! All the other members were saying bye and waving and he suddenly does a screech haha omg ILUSM Dolphin boy <3333

It would of been better if they had ALL of Suju, CSJH and ZLY wouldnt it?!?! But its ok, 15th August is exactly in a month XDDDDDDD


  1. awww. -_- dbsk sounds soo dead though. ;_;
    c’mon boys, lighten up!!! ^_^ hehe.

    lol @ the degree of bowing. hehe.
    goo shinee. xD

    & omgosh, that’s the FIRST thing i noticed, matching Jaechun pants haha.
    pink, of all colors. must’ve been jae’s idea. :P

    Junsu, you are the bestt <3 hahaha.

  2. ^I know eh. They look so tired as well. Lol but it’s okay, the amount of enthusiasm SHINee has kinda balances it out XD

  3. aaaahhh~~how i wish i can witness the concert XD it will be the BESTEST day of my life ever

    i LOL at how you noticed all those little stuff but you REALLY did a great job on it cause at times, I missed out a few good/random points about it.

    and yaaah..junsu’s whooping in the end. FUNNY. and changmin in that dorky outfit..awesome-ness~~

  4. ^I KNOW! To see DBSK, Super Junior and SHINee together would be awesome enough let alone having ZLY and CSJH there! I really need this concert on DVD. PLEASE, SM BE KIND TO US???

    Lol yep we tend to open our eyes just a little bit bigger when it comes to watching things like this hahah, you never know what you might miss ;))

  5. why why why cant i live in korea? the tickets are pretty (relatively) cheap too! 65usd dollars for best seat while just for hollywood bowl they were $200

  6. ^Lol I ask myself the same question everyday XDD

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