Posted by: beckery | July 16, 2008

Preorder Dongwan’s 2nd Album – The Secret Between Us Repackaged & Concert News

DW ♥

 YESH YESH YESH!! Its finally out. Zomg I’ve been waiting for the Repackaged ever since he released the album haha XDDDD I absolutely LOVE this album, its sooo good. The album was kind of rushed so that it would be released before he goes to the army and he was busy with Shinhwa concerts and album during that time, so my expectations for it wasnt that high. However, he once again proved me wrong and did a wonderful job at it!! It really shows a mature Dongwan as he experiments with different genres of music and did an utterly amazing job at it.♥

The title track is “Secrets/Bimil”. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Even if your not a fan, you seriously have to try it out!!! *Live Performance* *MV* He also just released a new MV for his ballad “A Man’s Love” I read somewhere that a netizen said that “A Man’s love is like Dark Chocolate, as it contains a sweet but bitter charm in the song” I think that person described it perfectly. Although, not my favourite DW song, its definitely a good ballad. Also, the MV is really unique. Its like a slideshow of his photos and I think its suppose to tell a story, but I’ve been too busy oogling at him that I have no idea what the plot is XD LOL..My favourite songs out of the album would have to be “Secrets”, “Good Person” and “Psy Kiss“. Give them a try, you might even end up being a Dongwan lover like me ^_^

Ok Click *here* to preorder the Repackaged at Yesasia. Release date is 24th July. Its AUD26, but so so worth it cuz its his last album before the army and even if I had to sell all my shoes, bags and even my brother (no, wait I’d gladly give him away for free, take him as a bonus XD), I would still have to buy this!! The Repackaged includes 2 new songs + a photobook of my hot Wannie <33

On another note, its been confirmed that HE WILL BE HOLDING A SOLO CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs in a circle* The dates arent confirmed yet but will most likely be on 20 and 21 September.  Concert = Concert DVD = I’m in heaven = XDDDDDDD hahaha. No I’ve actually decided im going to hijack a plane and fly to Korea then somehow sneak my way into the concert and his changing room hehehe..Anyone wants to join me? =P


  1. A Man’s love is like Dark Chocolate, as it contains a sweet but bitter charm in the song
    Did a boy say that coz if so I’ll have to marry him. If a girl said it then….awwwwww.

    Wait, hang on. I think I misread it. They’re talking about the song aren’t they? And not literally ‘A Man’s Love‘ eh? Omg I’m confused.

    *brain explodes*

  2. i’ve just become a dongwan fan recently, so i’m super super excited :D
    so, uh..
    can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait…stupid military service TT_______TT

  3. “No I’ve actually decided im going to hijack a plane and fly to Korea then somehow sneak my way into the concert and his changing room hehehe..Anyone wants to join me? =P”

    TAKE ME WITH YOU, PLEASE. We can take turns distracting security while we sneak into his dressing room hahahaha.

    But seriously, I’m very happy for Dongwan. Solo concert <3! I hope it goes very well :).

  4. Candies
    LOL you doofus, yes the quote was talking about the SONG “A Man’s Love”. But it can also be used to describe an actual man’s love, I guess..Most likely a girl said it though cuz well, not being sexist or anything, boys are kinda douche bags when it comes to such poetic and romantic descriptions XD

    I can imagine my guy friends going “Well..a man’s love is when umm a guy likes a girl and umm wants to go out with her?” =_= LOL Btw thats the PG version, you wouldnt want to know the X-rated version of it XDDD haha

    OMG OMG OMG A DONGWAN FAN!?!?!?!? *jumps around then flies to wherever you are and bear hugs you XDD* Haha this sounds so stupid but omg you made my day! I get all excited when someone says they’re a Dongwan fan cuz omo that guy is soooo underrated sometimes =(( But isnt he the most adorable/funny/witty/dorky/hot/sexy/cute guy EVER!?! And omg his voice is so much love *__* Lol I could go on for days about him, but I think you know how much I love him already so I’ll shutup…………only for now though haha….

    And YES PLEASE JOIN me and spazzes!! The more the easier to sneak in and kidnap him, though I bags taking him home first. You guys will have to wait for your turn XDDD LOL

    OF COURSE I’LL TAKE YOU!!!! *clings to you* haha if anything happens, you can umm sacrifice for the team and I’ll kidnap Dongwan home with me =PPP LOL But, but, I promise to send him to you when I’m sick of him which wont happen in a million years XD

    I’m so glad he decided to have a concert! Its going to be his first and last solo concert before the army, so it’s going to be so meaningful and very special for his fans and for him. Hope it gives him heaps of good memories to bring with him to the army <3

  5. LMAO! Okay, fine, I’ll take one for the team, but you need help me get Hye Sung then XD.

    The army talk makes me quite sad :(. But I know he’s gonna have a kickass concert <3.

  6. While you guys are kidnapping Shinhwa, can you get DBSK, Suju, and BB, for me, kthx :P

    Oh, and I’ll take Eric, too

    See, you need three people to carry out this plan, that way, if you two get arrested, I’ll still get the boys :P

    Dw, I’ll take them to visit you two in jail ;)

  7. Hold it right there.

    You can’t kidnap the boys without me D: You’ll need me to calculate the chances of getting caught, drawing out a map, planning how to transport the boys from one place to another etc etc Omg, I sound like a nerd therefore minimising the chances of you guys getting caught. See, I’m so considerate (:o

    We’re kidnapping the SHINee boys too, right?

  8. spazzes
    Ooh of course I’ll help you get Hyesung. Thats what team mates are for right?? He’ll be at my house waiting for you to pick him up. Except umm my mummy said that I’m not allowed to give my address out! Muahahhaah Im so greedy XD

    And yea army talks make me depressed too. You wait till they go to the army, I’ll be bawling like a baby =(((

    Miss P
    LOL and here I thought *I* was greedy for wanting both Dongwan and Hyesung. Then comes *You* wanting DBSK, Suju, BB AND MY ERIC!!!! Tsk tsk tsk, Im dissapointed in you =P hahaha

    But since I’m the leader of the crew, I’m a very very important person so I dont do sacrifices my dear, I’ll leave the arresting to you and Spazzes. Ok? Yes? Great Thanks!!! Now lets figure out how I’m going to ship all of the guys to Australia..Ooo thats right! I hijacked a plane XD Gosh Im so smart!! lol

    Miss C
    LOL you and PAS put together equals “Miss PC” HAHAHAHA *rolls around* gosh I’m not only smart, I’m also hilarious!!! XDDD

    Well, we dont reallyyyyy~ need you cuz I’ve already figured all those minor details out. I’m a big nerd afterall haha *pat pat* Thanks for trying though! BUT we can always have an extra member on the team YES!! Another sacrificial lamb muahaha and of course we can get the SHINee boys too, for myself that is LOL

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