Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 17, 2008

“どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?” No.1 on Oricon!


*Dances around a campfire singing songs of joy*

I knew it would be number one ^___^ Hopefully they’ll be able to get number one on the weekly charts too, cos this song pwns “Beautiful You”.

I also circled Kim JungHoon’s single, cos I <3 him and I’m really proud of him for getting number three ^^


  1. OMG YAYYYYYYYYYYYY. I’ve been SOOOO happy all day. Oh my gosh!!
    They sold SO many singles..its unbelievable..actually i was kinda expecting it xD
    I just want to see if they’re happy =D
    err..maybe by now they’re use to when the manager or w/e tells them the news they’ll just be like “chyeahh..thats how we roll B)” haha.
    I have a really good feeling that they’ll make the weekly charts too..

  2. YAY!!!! I went on the oricon chart as soon as i woke up. haha. xD

    *victory dance*!

    && i didn’t know john-hoon was doing a new single! ^_^ I just went to youtube and listened to it. LOL. amazing but the MV is kind of lacking. :( but then again..YAYYYY…he’s backk haha. ^_^

  3. YES! I KNEW THEY WOULD MAKE IT! I was awake last night but they didn’t have anything up yet. I was literally waiting all day to see this. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!!!! :D I hope they make the Oricon weekly, cause this song is one of their best singles in my opinion and then maybe they’ll even make history. I can’t wait for my CD to arrive. I also bought the Arena 37 magazine today and there’s a gorgeous poster that comes with it <3

  4. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it–unlike “Beautiful You.” Haha. [crosses fingers for them to make it to weekly charts for a third time]

  5. Dang! It looks like another weekly, because look how far behind number 2 is! *attempts to do some mental maths* 21 112 I think.
    SMOLYYY! I rekon its gonna be a weekly.

    Also, I have no idea why, but I think John-Hoon is incredibly funny

  6. Well, this really doesnt surprise me cuz gosh the song is soooo much pawnage!!! <3333 *fingers cross* for the weekly charts XDD

    On the hand though, Jung Hoon being at No. 3 is really awesome!! I always knew the genius had it in him..This just makes me wanna kidnap him 3847293749 times more haha ^_^

  7. Icecreamsoda93:
    That IS a lot of singles for the first day! And look at how far behind the second artist is! :DDD

    LOL, na I reckon the Dong Bang boys still get surprised when their single gets number one :P I was watching the Shine! single off-shot movie, and they were told about how they got no.1 with their Summer Dream single, and they looked sooooo surprised and happy ^___^

    Haha, I remembered to look at it at 2am XDDD

    I haven’d heard John Hoon’s new single! But I loooooove him <333

    Yea, I think this is my favourite JApanese single too :D. I reaaally want them to make weekly number one, or even MONTHLY. COS THIS SONG ROCKS.

    You bought the Arena 37 magazine? Boooo, I don’t know where to buy them :( Hang on, that was the photoshoot with the curtains right? THOSE PICTURES WERE SO HOT.

    Hahahaha, there’s so much “beautiful you” hate on here XD But I totally understand, I didn’t even put the mp3 on my ipod cos I really don’t like it XD

    Wow O___O *cough* typical asian *cough* :P

    I reckon they’ll get weekly too, unless the fangirls of artist no.2 decides to suddenly purchase 30,000 copies before the week ends XD.

    John-Hoon is HOT. And is SUPER DUPER SMART, which is SO ATTRACTIVE!!

    I didn’t think he’d be able to get no.3, I never hear about him doing promos in Japan. But I guess this just proves how smart (and attractive) he is <33333

    Take me with you when you kidnap him, we can combine our IQs and outsmart him XDDD (though our IQs combined would probably still be lower than his XDD).

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