Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 17, 2008

Preorder DBSK’s “T” Concert DVD

The Cover is out and I didn’t want to spam so I thought I’d shove it here :D

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So what do you guys think of the cover? Some people aren’t liking the fact that DBSK look so tiny but I don’t really mind! :D

Firstly, I’m really loving the purple and blue glow emitting from the stage. It looks soo pretty, right? Just like the sky as the sun is about to set. Or maybe after the sun has set? That’s my favourite time of the day because the sky looks so pretty. However, I don’t really like how the “cross” is on top of everything. It would have looked nicer if it was lighter because it’s too dominant right now (imo, anyway).

Secondly, I know DBSK are looking smaller and smaller in their Concert DVDs but isn’t it rather symbolic? Lol I just see it as that no matter how “Godly” DBSK are, without their fans, they don’t really have a stage to perform on. Well they would but there’d be no one to perform for. Yes? So here, the fans are the “bigger” people watching DBSK on stage (which is kinda ironic but whatever).

And this is why we should all go out and buy a copy to show our love and support for the boys!!!! But I’m still waiting for a HK version coz they’re usually the cheapest ^^.

Lastly, I’m just really loving the purple theme :D

It’s fiiiiiinally coming out :D

Japanese debut third anniversary concert DVD release from Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki) featuring footage from their May 6, 2008 tour finale at the Saitama Super Arena. DVD features 23 songs total for nearly 180 minutes of must-see perfomrnaces (details subject to change).

The current price is US$51.12 and the DVD will be available from the sixth of August. 

I WANT IT :(((((((((( But I also want food….and clothes.. XDDDD

I hope some other (cheaper) editions will be released. I bet SM will release Suju’s concert DVD at the same time :|

You can preorder on CD Japan here . No Yesasia link yet, I’ll edit when they start selling it.

::EDIT:: Here y’all go, Yesasia link here. But um, stick with the site pinkandsparkly gave you because on Yesasia it costs around US$60 O_O. Even with the AUD$ being so strong, it still costs that much. WHY???

I think I’ll wait for the HK version, that way, it’ll be cheaper and have translations. Woot~!

Also, OMG 180 MINUTES! And I thought the concert went for one hour, silly me xD. I wonder how much of that 1.5 3hrs (wth, I seriously fail at counting. I do the hardest maths at school but I can’t convert minutes to hours. I suck so bad. YooMinSu should tutor me ^^) will be on YooMinSu counting ;) …

Oh and Cooking?Cooking! is also available on Yesasia now. I can’t remember if I edited that post or not and wordpress is going weird on me so I’ll just shove the link in here now. EW for this unorganisation XD but just let this be a reminder~! Lol, since after seeing the MV, I’m sure a lot of fans out there have changed their mind :PP


  1. i know~ but but…saitama concert..with the yoosumin…*headdesk*

    food…dvd…food…dvd…why must i be faced with such decisions??

    starve it is then. i need to lose weight anyway.

  2. LOL, you’re so brave <33

    I need my food XDDD

  3. I really like the color scheme of this DVD. The purplish blue and the dark purple along with the lights in the middle make it look a bit magical. That metal thing on top has cool colors coming out of it too. I want this so badly, but $51 for a DVD? -.-” Still debating over whether or not to buy this.

  4. ^Yeah, the stage looks awesome! Lol just wait for a cheaper version :D Even Krn version would be cheaper than this coz $51 really is ridiculous for a DVD…no matter how awesome XD

  5. I like the cover too, but I agree that the cross stands out too much.

    lol, 180 minutes translates into 3 hours. I say 2 hours of it should just be YooMinSu counting. ;]

  6. … not to mention the very decorative cross and shield. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous (when it showed up on their shirts and on the stage and stuff) and I’m glad to see that it’s the symbol for their concert. Without being too visual kei ish.

  7. muffinpaste
    They had better include YooMinSu counting. Hmm, guess it’s better to wait for reviews as well then ;)

    I like the idea of them having a motif for their concerts :D But I think I still prefer the dartboard from FITB. Maybe after watching the concert I’ll like the cross + shield more ^^

  8. Getting this :D. I’ve been blown away by the clips I’ve seen so far, so I can only imagine that it will be THAT MUCH BETTER on HDTV. Plus all the songs that weren’t included in the broadcast. Looking forward to Purple Line!

  9. OOOooooooOOOOOO the colour theme is really pretty. Hmmm guys we should be cool and go out and buy a polo shirt and get that emblem/symbol/whatever you call it stitched on so the shirt looks like its branded ~ DBSK brand haha me and my awesome fashion ideas XDDD

    But then I’d rather spend that money on the concert DVD so guess thats kinda out..Actually the DVD is not really an option atm since I’m kinda BROKE!!! I bet you all the kpop artists get together at the beginning of the year and go “ok everyone lets all release our products during these so and so months so all the fans aka BECKERY get broke” =_=

    I mean sure I can afford this along with the other million things in my shopping cart. All I need to do is starve or eat my friends left over food at uni and hmm maybe walk to uni to save petrol money =(((

  10. spazzes
    I’m looking forward to Purple Line too because tbh, I wasn’t really happy with their performance at Dream Concert. Yoochun’s voice was really…weird :S

    Yep, that’s exactly what they do. They also get together and think “Hmm the most appropriate time to release our merchandise would be when fans aka CANDYCHU has her exams on!” Coz all these things are being released in AUGUST. And omg the SMTown Concert is like … idk, sometime when I’m busy? xDD

  11. :D Stumble onto your wordpress. I must agree!! It’s so expensive! But it’s definitely worth it :D I’m dying inside to get it but i realize, if i don’t understand a word…what’s the point of getting it? :D I’m hoping that the HK or Taiwan ver would have subs (Oh please please let it have sub).


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