Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 17, 2008

Suju Plushies

Pictures: Baidu

Lol, this is so cool XD Gummydork and I were talking about how it would be really awesome to get DBSK plushies, and voila! I find Suju ones XD

I don’t think they’re for sale (unlike the SNSD Barbies, hmph) but I want a set *__*

I have no idea who’s who (they look THE SAME) but it would make a really good collector’s item, yes? :P


  1. i want a set too !
    but where would i put them ?? lol
    i already have so much stuff.

    i think i can tell which one might be heechul.
    on the second row. the third doll with the slickbacked hair.
    that reminds me of heechul .. :]

  2. OMG SO CUTE!!! ^Hmm, I thought the one with the hair pinned back was either Siwon or Donghae. Donghae had it pinned back on their concert poster and Siwon had his hair pinned back at their concert, right? But omg I WANT !!!!

  3. NUUUUU!! *sets keyboard on FIREEEE* This just makes me REALLLY want dbsk plushies!

    I love how they’re wearing the white tuxes and the fact that they come with added props like the rose, canes and stage *squeee*

    Awww, I would so crack up, if the owner’s psycho pet dog somehow managed to get its jaws on the plushies :P

  4. Hahaha the first thing I noticed about them was that THEY DONT HAVE MOUTHS 0_0 Mouths are very very important on plush toys of hot people. Cuz at least then I could pretend they’re talking to me XD and well theres other things mouths are useful for =PPP LOL

    But aww they’re adorable, I wouldnt mind having a set *cough* mybdayis19thfebruaryandimexpectingpresentsfromyouguys *cough* yes? yes? no answer? ok I’ll take that as a yes, omg THANKS GUYS XDDDDD If you cant afford the whole set, I dont mind just having Hyuk but then he’ll be lonely so may as well get Hae right? But then those 2 will be lonely, so you’ll have to add Siwon, but then those 3 will be lonely, so you’ll have to add Hankyung, but then those 4 will be lonely so you’ll have to add Sungmin and well lets just add all of them ^__^ ROFL

  5. Holeyxxsmokes:
    Lol, I have no room…anywhere XD

    I can’t tell them apart at all, I think it’s cos I can’t remember what they looked like in the original picture XD

    You have waaayyyyyy too much memory space to remember all that :P

    Hahah, the props made me LOL XD THEY’RE SO CUUUUUUUUTE.

    LOL, I better not get them then, cos my dog is going through a “let’s rip up everything I find” phase XD I’d probably find Plush Sungmin’s head all over the floor if I get the plushies XD

    Lmao, I didn’t even notice the lack of mouths till you pointed it out XDDD Mouths would be useful….for…..eating…and..other stuff :P

    Lol, sure *throws virtual plushies at you* :P

    But I know what you mean, if you get one, then you HAVE to get the whole set. OTHERWISE THE PLUSHIES WILL BE LONELY :(((( And while we’re at it, we have to hunt down plush Henry, Zhoumi, and DBSK, ooooo, and SHINee!! And Big Bang! And Chace Crawford! LET’S PLUSHIFY EVERYONE :DDDD.

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