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We hope you’re not crying LOL but we just thought we’d make our little *present* to you a bit more exciting ;) Did you like it? Hehe. Anyways it’s been a great 8/9 months of knowing you and I bet meeting me has been the best thing that has ever happened in your life, eh?

I still remember the first time I set foot in Lets All Eat Candy I thought you were a very strange person XD The first post I read, you were complaining about how wordpress was centering your entire post and you didn’t know how to fix it LOL. And why I still remember, I don’t know but I bet even you don’t recall that happening, huh? I ended up coming back anyway to find something to laugh at (no not really :P) and ended up commenting on It wasn’t until recently that I was checking the Talk.Share page did I realise that every second comment was by me O.o So I guess you kinda felt obliged to invite me as an author, huh? Well I’m sure the entire fandom is thankful for that LOL. Just kidding.

Anyways, it’s been great fun being friends and blogging with you because even though you and beckery always gang up on me (out of jealousy, I’m sure), it’s always awesome to have someone to talk to when I’m sick of studying…or when I just want to talk :). It’s slowly become a habit, talking to you every single night (yay we have no RL friends!) and I hope you enjoy our conversations as much as I do; because talking about nothing in particular has never been so fun :D/

We weren’t too suss tonight/last night, were we? We figured you’d be too slow to notice how you only ever talked to us one at a time xP But anyway, we hope some part of this message has put a smile on your face :)!! I hope you have a great birthday this year (the first celebrating with me and beckery!!!) and maybe as you grow older, you will also become wiser. Hopefully, anyway ♥♥


Firstly, this wasn’t my idea, so don’t kill me!………….Ok, yea it was hahaha. But, BUT I had a very good reason. We wanted to make your bday post special and memorable. And then I suggested we play a prank on you and well the thing kept spiralling to this! Changdice called me “evil” but you should have seriously seen her plan it out. She was really into it, so don’t blame it all on me ok.But you know we L O V E   Y O U right? ♥♥♥♥♥

I really think Lady Luck must have been groping me when I met (as in cyber meet) you and Changdice…I don’t exactly remember how I started talking to you. All I remember is being a silent reader hahaha. But somehow we started talking and the rest is history. Its actually felt like I’ve known you (and Changdice) for ages. Gosh I sound like some clichéd novel lol. But dude, thank you so very much for letting me hop on board the Imop ship. It’s awesome fun to have other people to spazz with about boy bands and not get the “wtf” look^__^

And I’m glad we’re friends!! I’m sure we’ll be able to meet someday (probably during a DBSK/Suju/Shinhwa/Leehom concert) and get it on pretty well. Lol did that sound dirty?!! But yea, girl thanks for being such an awesome person to talk to. Yes, we make up crazy, epic plans. Yes, we bitch about practically everything and nothing and yes, we’re both “drama” lovers. But hey, they’re good times yea?! Don’t worry there’s going to be much more of those in the future (if you don’t ditch fandom tsk tsk) XDDDD So yup, HAPPY BDAY!! Welcome to my age. I’m gladly receiving you with both arms open wide, cuz finally, someones my age around here =_= Best wishes and hope you get lovely presents, preferably with Jaejoong in a box hahahah….love ya ♥


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