Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2008

New Anycall CFs

{credit: mytvxqrox @ youtube}

This is short. But HOT. No more cute fluff, lol.

bb to edit.

Why am I not surprised that this CF involves another love triangle? *rolls eyes*. What? I’m allowed to be cut. It’s YooMin!! XD

So I’m guessing this is the plot. Changmin is training with Yoochun and then *flashback* Jeon JiHyeon (who is she?) dumped Yoochun and he figured it was coz of Changmin (coz he’s so friggin sexy). Then Changmin finds his phone and is like “._. We’re dating the same girl???” OR he’s just “Ooh. Nice phone; but I’m too hot to care ~”

But yay for black & white and sweaty boys!


Blue version – Jaejoong’s phone colour is blue and it is so emo. HE CRIES and lies on a couch. The blue is really pretty though. It’s like a darker sapphire blue but not exactly royal blue if that makes sense?

Pink version – Anyways while Yoomin and Jae’s are all emo and angsty, HoSu’s is all PINK and happy. Even the music is all cutesy. Theirs was a little too happy though lol.

All – I don’t know what this one’s about because I’ve got a realy bad headache right now and I should probably stop watching these CFs XDD

I thought “JiHyeon” was actually Jeon JiHyeon (Yunho must have been thrilled though fans said something about them not actually having filmed it together). You can see her face in the other 2 CFs. But they’re all jump cutty images. I was hoping for some talking lol.

I’m still looking for links on youtube though. If anyone finds them first feel free to share :DD
Thank you ringy. <333


  1. HAHA at your narration of the story line and your random comments..Gosh I knew u were “special” for a reason =P *pats you on the head*

    But who cares about the story, lets just oogle at hot, sweaty boys in wifebeaters *coughchangmincough* *_* Hmm I dont really like how they do that jumpy frame picture thing, it gives me a headache -_-

    Anyways Im sooo~~~ bored atm. Someone come play with me please *puppy dog eyes* ohh Candies, did u get my youtube link of Raymond’s new song?

  2. I thought the girl was Yuri from SNSD? XDDD

    I don’t get it, why would you text and beat up someone at the SAME TIME. Wouldn’t you get distracted?

  3. There are many things I dont get about the CF, like how Yoochun can still see his opponent despite there being a bunch of sweaty hair in his eyes. Did that not irk anyone? xDD I just wanna get my hands on some fluffy green hair ties and tie it all back for him!! That way he can look ‘pretty’ when Min beats him down.

    But I agree with Beckery, the freeze-frame-motion thing hurts my eyes., Makes me think about that pokemon episode that got banned cos it induced epileptic fits lol

    Teee heee, but Changmin goodness is worth an epileptic fit (speaking of which! Are you disappointed that there was no hint of CM’s nipple? xDDD Im such a perve)

  4. Here are all the youtube links:
    Blue –
    Pink –
    All –

    I have not even watched it though. You know why? BECAUSE OF THIS:
    Because of that I have had 3 glasses of water and walked in a circle for 20 minutes at 3AM! I am in heaven… <3333333333333333333333

  5. bibi
    lmao you and pas keep calling me “special”…people must be thinking I am “special” XD
    yeah Ive been having a headache for the whole day anyway so maybe thats why the CF didnt affect me taht much. But its way too angsty. That hurt my eyes

    you need to go watch the Jae one. Its heartbreaking and then you’ll probably laugh at how fake his tear was XD And I’m pretty sure the texting and fighting didnt happen simultaneously…

    Serious? Pokemon induced epileptic fits? Omg…that just made my stomach go all funny. Lol sweaty!Chun is sexy…dont make him pretty XDD LMAO didn’t you get enough of changmin’s nipple from the making pics?? PERVE!!!

    see this is why I love you <33 WHAT? Its 3am now? Go to sleep and have nice dreams about Chun. Those pictures are gorgeous. Apparently a week holiday – its stylish is out of stock already on YA? :S

  6. =) It is 5AM now. I rather see pictures then dream. I NEVER dream about him. How lame.

    I know it is! T-T Apparently you can still get it on though.

  7. LOL. I love your explanation of the Yoomin CF. Changmin looks sooooooo fine, and he looks really hot when he’s all agressive and sweaty. Jaejoong looks really emo yet seductive in his. I think these ads are really working, for me at least. I really want the pink phone now =.=

  8. ringy
    Dreaming is GOOD! Especially when things happen your way because you’re dreaming meaning you didn’t plan it out?? Yes?? XD

    LOL Changmin is sex on legs. SERIOUS. Yeah Jae looks more sexy than emo in his XD I really want the blue phone. Its so pretty O.o

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