Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2008

Preview Pictures from A Week Holiday

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I’m assuming the pics (under the cut) are from their Camping book because of their apparel? Lol. I like the tone of them except I’m hoping not all the photos will be like that (not that I’ll be buying it, but still) because I still like my colour :DD

JUNSU IS SHIRTLESS AGAIN … *SQUEAL*! And I can’t be the only one who finds his snail trail sexy. I mean when Yunho lifted up his shirt in AADBSK2 and it was white and smooth I couldn’t help but think “GIRL!”

Changmin looks hilarious in these pics. I think it’s the expression on his face and the way he’s standing in the group pic. It’s like he’s saying ‘Hmm, I can’t wait to get this over and done with’ And he’s SLOUCHING. I hate when people slouch 7.7

Yunho and Chun are looking gorgeous <33 Chun’s smile is to die for…though the pic of him in the water cracked me up ahahaha. Why get in the water if you’re wearing clothes? Better yet, why wear clothes when you’re Yoochun!!!

Yunho looks so calm reading his extremely tattered book. His face is like the perfect shape. It’s not fair.

Jae’s pic is cute. I can’t take him seriously. He just…LOL IDEK. His hair makes him look girly but I think the “vehicle” (I dont know the exact term for it XD) he is on is supposed to show his manliness? Well it didn’t xP


I hope some of these pictures will be in colour….I get that the sepia tone was probably used to make it more nostalgic, but..colour is friendly :D

Jae made me laugh SO HARD. XDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ooooh my gosh, some people should just not pose with sandbikes XD I STILL LOVE YOU, JJ <333


I really like the Yunho picture, he looks so relaxed! (and handsome *___*)

Micky looks like…a pretty girl XDDD BUT I LOVE THE COLOUR PICS!!! SO HOT. WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH PERFECT SKIN *____________*

Changmin’s one also made me LOL XD Idk, something about his expression just screams “please laugh at me” XD!! Maybe it’s the angle?


  1. Ohhh even more pictures I haven’t seen!!

    That Changmin picture is the funniest, I have to agree. It’s the angle and those socks and bandana and whatever he’s carrying on his back and … wow, everything, I guess XD.

    The first three Yoochun pictures are my favorite so far <3. Oh I love that smile so hard.

  2. ROFLLL okay i wanst the only one who thought min’s biking pics were cracktastic :D

    OMGDD JUNSUUUUUU *fangirl scream*

    i compare every single boy to him

    they all fail :P

  3. spazzes
    Lol in that picture Changmin looks like he’s about to fall off his bike ahahaha
    I know! I’m really loving the Yoochun pictures ~

    *fangirl screams with you*
    Lmao I know what you mean. I only have to compare their heights with Changmin and they already fail XD

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