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Vogue Fashion Pet feat. Yoochun, Donghae, Sungmin & SHINee

::EDIT:: Okay omg, I totally fail because I keep finding more and more pics!! So if I edit this post for the nth time today, please bear with me <3

{credit: Jaylyn:) @soompi}

“Vogue Korea” invites the readers to photo gallery celebrating the 12th year anniversary.

The fashion bible “Vogue Korea” has met its 12th anniversary. “Vogue Korea” is going to publish an edition with 200 celebrities/fashionistas and their pets (photos and stories). As well, do help abandoned animals, “Vogue Korea” along with Kodak is going to put on display a photo gallery of all these “Fashion Pets.”

1. Fashion Pet Gallery/Exhibition
We invite you to the photo exhibition holding stories of the (approx.) 100 Celebrities/Fashionistas (Jo Seung Hoo, Lee Bum Soo, Park Yong Ha, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Han Che Ri, Lee Hyo Ri, Uhm Jung Hwa, Micky Yoochun, Shinee, Suh In Jung, Che Jung Han, Super Junior, Lee Hae Yong, and etc.) and their pets.
<If you’re a “Vogue Korea” reader, free entry is possible>

Location of the Exhibition
7.22~7.26 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Chung Dam Dong Gallery (02-514-3439)
For questions call: 02-501-4629, 4630

Image Hosting by
D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This is so cute <33 And Yoochun looks so good! Sorry for the small pic, though. There was the actual advertisement except the picture was cut up and Harang was covered in that pic and it’s actually still just the same size as ^this one XD. I wonder why the other members or Junho weren’t chosen though. I mean they’re all so adorable with their dogs and Mangdong is the cutest puppy EVERRRRR (omg, Mangdong reminds me of the dog in Fated to Love You!!!!).
Image Hosting by


And one more *HERE*. The pics are gorgeous <333.

*Donghae & Sungmin* – Omg, I didn’t even read the article properly and I’m sure none of you guys did either because LOOK!!!! DONGHAE and Sungmin is in it!!! Is Donghae holding Meo? Coz no offense I dont like those dogs :( What happened to Bada??

*SHINee* – Okay this has got to be my FAVOURITE picture. See, DBSK could have done this too seeing as they all have their own dogs!!! And now I finally understand why there’s an LJ community for JonghyunxMinho. THEYRE SO CUTE!!! (Rofl @ their shirts though XD) Awwww this is like a family picture, don’t you reckon? *wipes happy tears* – It’s so beautiful! And Key’s puppy is SO LUCKY LOL

Also, this is completely random, but to those who follow kpopsecrets on LJ, they’ve updated!!! And lmao, the comments are SO FUNNY.


  1. omg, they’ve updated!!!!

    Haha, you luuuuuurve Junho :P

  2. ^Duh. Don’t you know I’m Mrs Kim Junho ;)

  3. Mangdong is even CUTER than Ji Bao Bei, lemme tell you.

    OMG. I’m sooo getting a toy pup when I grow up.

  4. ^ Ooo, I dunno ’bout that….Ji Bao Bei has his own iPOD, shoes and STROLLER*____*

  5. P.S. I knew Vogue was my favourite magazine for a reason ;)

    [Except I really didn’t like the DBSK vogue photoshoot =.=]

  6. HER own iPod. We find out that Ji Bao Bei is a girl !! But Mangdong has one of the DONGBANGS for his (her? pink ruffly skirt?) owner.! But Ethan comes close… erm… tough call. Not a huge fan of the fact that the PDs keep on cutting in this fake doggy whining stuff though. That just makes JBB seems irritable and annoying. Plus, Mangdong gets to stay at a doggie spa when owner is away. AND SRSLY, Mangdong looks soo cuuute clutched in Changmin’s (huge!) hand.

  7. New big pictures!!

    They both look so goood!!

  8. Nanshi
    Omg I KNOW! Changmin is like such a man and yet his puppy is so teeeeeeeeeeny, its cute ^^

    Lol but does Ji Bao Bei actually appreciate having an ipod? ;)


  9. Look at the SHINee photo.

    Do you see the cat on the lower right corner? Yes, the one “on” Minho….

    I seriously thought it was a REAL cat.


  10. Omg, the SHINee picture is SO cute!

    But ew at Donghae’s dog. It’s paws are freaky O___O

    I really like how these pictures are black and white ^^

  11. I thought that too with Shinee’s picture!! Especially with Jonghyun in the middle looking like the good elder boy hyung he is :DDD

  12. I’m really liking the SHINee picture. They do look like one big happy family :D The pictures of Donghae and Sungmin with the dogs on their heads are so cute. Is it just me, or does the dog Sungmin has look like Changmin’s Mangdung. Both Min’s have similar dogs :)

  13. Hi ^^

    I stumbled on this post through a google search on the Vogue pictures :DD But thanks for blogging about it, the pictures are so cute. Donghae’s dog isn’t very cute, but I think Sungmin has Bada on his head…because on the other picture that shows the three dogs, one of them is Bada and it’s the one in the middle, which looks like Sungmin’s dog. :o

    Bada is cute!

  14. moonynim
    I dont like Siamese cats :( Or cats in general…

    I know. Bada was a cute dog, I have no idea why Donghae has that dog on his head. Unless it’s Meo? as in RoMeo? But it’s still ugly. And omg I just looked at its paws. EW!
    Me too :) I love B&W pics

    Lol it’s hard to believe Minho is the second youngest though XD He just looks older than 16!!!

    I love the SHINee picture :DD Lol I find it funny how Sungmin just lets his pup balance on his head while his other hand feels up Donghae XD

    lol i totally fail at recognising dogs unless they have a tag or something. I wonder why Sungmin gets to go in this shoot with Donghae then if Bada isn’t even his xPP It would have been perfect if Hyuk was in it XDD But Sungmin looks adorable so I’ll forgive the photographer ^^

  15. I thought Bada died?

  16. ^WHAT? Don’t you rmbr when Change invaded SJ’s dorm YOU were the one who pointed out Bada in the cage? T_T

  17. I thought that was bada no.2?

    Hang on, maybe it was ryeowook’s dog that died…

  18. ^ Bada no.2 … ? Wook had a dog?

  19. Yea, Ryeowook had this little tiny dog, and I think it had lung problems?

    Idk, I’m sure I read somewhere about how Bada died…………though that dog on Sungmins head looks a lot like him/her…..hmmmmmmm, it’s a mystery

  20. ^Its okay bada is still alive :D bec just linked me a pic but my msn is freezing up and my net is going at a snail pace and i cbb editing the post but the pics where there are 3 dogs, bada is in the center. from my limited korean it says “ari, bada, leo” I think. But I thought Hae had another dog and I have no idea who ari belongs to. Omg why do their pets cause so much confusion!?!?!

  21. ^ LOLz at you guys for deciphering the mystery that is Bada-the-missing-dog.

    On a not-so completely unrelated note, have you guys seen this ?

    I don’t normally check out fan art but this is just waaaay too cute. Sharing.


    Ari used to be Ryeowook’s dog. And it died from lung problems! I SAW IT ON TV, IT’S TRRRUUUUUUUEEEE. THAT IS A GHOST ARI!!! (the freaky one Donghae’s holding) I have a picture of Ari.

    Ooooo, they’re so CUTE!! I’m reading “little pink Heechul” lmao XD

  23. Hang on, Ari’s not dead. Ari is Sungmin’s dog, not Ryeowook’s XDD

    Ryeowook’s dog DaBo, is dead. I got mixed up XD

  24. moonynim
    ahah lol yep I’ve seen that community…i’ve just about been on every sj community there is XDD But omg have you seen that comic about Yesung and his shoulder fetish? It’s SO CUTE. Like His hand is a mitt. And omg its just really cute. But I don’t think I have the link anymore ;_____;

    LMAO ghost ari XD EWWW Sungmin has an ugly dog. You’d think he’d have a cuter dog to match his cute face. Oh okay it’d made sense that they’re carrying each others dog. Wow the death of Wook’s dog was on TV? That’s big O_O

  25. OMG!!!!
    i can’t breath!!
    those pics are so magnificent!!
    yoochun really freakin HOT!!
    n SUJU n SHINee n theit dog so adorable!!!
    thx for sharing this pics!! XDD

  26. Er….that’s not Sungmin’s dog. Aris is one of those sausage dogs…..unless Ari died and he got a new Ari XD

    Ryeowook and Sungmin got their dogs when they were filming Animal Planet, so that’s how I know about Ari and Ryeowook’s dog :P

    Haa, your name is awesome XD.

  27. tvxqlovesme
    Lol no problem! I know <3 Those pics are awesome ~!~!

    OH yeh. I remember that sausage dog. But…it says “ari” :O Unless Sungmin replaced him. But why would you use the same name twice?

    And SHINee’s dogs are called “eve” and “coco” COCO IS SO CUTE! (the name..coz I don’t know which one is coco) I wonder if they really do belong to SHINee though.

  28. OooOOoooo What now? We’re going to solve the case of the “suju dogs”?!?! Hahahaha maybe we should just quit fandom business and go into detective business =PPPP

  29. detective B
    that’s coz we’re totally nosy awesome detectives :D

  30. hi! SHINee’s soooo adorable and their dogs. i read somewhere that coco is key’s dog (maybe the one he’s holding) and he named it coco coz it’s color looks like cookie in the snow.^^while eve is taemin’s. he got her 2 years ago during christmas eve so to represent that memory he named her eve. gosh can they get any cuter?

    DONGHAE ilu.. i wish i am bada.. hahah..

  31. nylenuol
    thanks for telling me that :) Aw, now I love Key + Taemin even more <3 The names are so meaningful! I had a feeling Coco was Key’s dog judging by the colour (even though it’s B&W) and just coz it’s very Key. But awww Taemin is so cute. He would have been 12/13 argh so cute ^___^

  32. I think I have sorta kinda figured out the “suju dog mystery”.

    Meo is the not-so attractive dog on Hae’s head (that’s his new dog). Based on the hangul, the one on the center (opposite page) looking forlorn is Bada (Hae’s first dog) and the one on Sungmin’s head is Ari. Not the Dachshund (sausage dog) from the Animal Farm show because Ari v.1 was given away on that same show. See here:

    Both Ari and DaBo (Wook’s dog) were given to the SuJu boys temporarily until they find homes for the dog. ^^

    So I guess, Sungmin named his new dog (which is also a Maltese like Bada, I think) Ari because he did say on Animal Farm that he liked that name so much.


  33. ahahhaa..
    im too confident that they love me ^^

  34. moonynim
    serious? But I don’t like that dog :(
    Lol wow thank you <33333 for solving this suju dog mystery :D It all makes sense now! Except Donghae’s Meo is really quite ugly XD
    Here, have a dog <3

    hehe me too

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