Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 19, 2008

DBSK A-Nation Goodies

Pictures: Baidu

These things are all so summery, it makes me want to drive an ice-cream truck (IDK XD).

I really like the photo of them featured on the sticker sheet and fan, they look so happy and healthy. YAY for healthy DBSK boys :DDD.

I really really really want the cellphone strap, it’s so CUTE!!! The “T” turns into a palm tree! XD

I’m really looking forward to their A-Nation performances, cos I want to see them perform their latest single (cbs looking for the name, but you know which one i mean XD) live.


  1. The colors remind me of citrus fruits, which are very summery indeed. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have that fan? Imagine sitting outside on a hot summer day and taking out a DBSK fan to cool yourself off. Wait, that doesn’t make much sense since they’re so hot xDDD I love those stickers though. And now that you mentioned how the T turns into a palm tree, it is really cute. I am SOOOO excited for A-Nation :DDD

  2. woooo..i want the bag XD

  3. Abc123zyx:
    Lol, yea, you’d be trying to cool yourself, and just find yourself becoming hotter and hotter (temperature wise XD).

    I can’t wait for A-Nation! It looks like such a great event/concert; if I lived in Japan, I’d totally go to at least one :D!

    That bag would make an awesome beach bag :DDD

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