Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 19, 2008

Suju-Happy are now Suju-Emo

Pictures: SJ Market + Beckery, cos she’s awesome ^^b

Not emo in a “let’s slash our wrists and write depressing poetry that don’t make sense” way,  just emo in a “our emo look is too hot for our clothes” way ;)

LOL @ the title, “Real boys dream real love”. Of course they dream real love, they haven’t met me yet :P

Homg, SUNGMIN LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!! I really like emo!Sungmin, he actually looks his age in these photos he should just be permanently emo (with his style, not personality XD) cos dayyum, he looks GOOD. Though his pants are making me dizzy XD, but his specs are <3

Shindong got rid of his poo hair! Yay :DDD. But why didn’t they give him a different shot….the other boys all got one =___=

Yesung really suits the emo look *____* I’m still a bit :S about the eyeliner, but he looks so gooooooooooood in the clothes *__________*

I don’t like Kangin’s outfit in that group picture, but he looks so handsome in his single shot :))))

I love Eunhyuk’s shiny jacket XD His shiny shoes and weird pants in the group photos are also really cracktastic XDD

Leeteuk also looks really good. LOOK, NO PALM TREE ON HIS HEAD! :DDDDD. I loooooove his tie+vest outfit, it’s soooooooooooooooo hot *_________________*

They should do emo!shoots more often, cos they look so goooooooood. I prefer these outfits to their SJ-H outfits XD


  1. omg that should be the name of the next subgroup super junior emo. but then kibum will be its only member lmao XD

    i love what they did too shindong. he doesnt look too fat and idk the look just works with him. :D

  2. What magazine is the from?

  3. @querubin: ROFL AHAHAHA. Kibum XDD

    OMG YESUNG IS EMO. He has a bandaid on his wrist O_O

  4. But he’s so sexy *wipes up puddle of drool on ground*

  5. Of course *I* am awesome, I am *beckery* after all!!! Hahaha Im so full of myself XDDDD

    Ohh I noticed the bandaid too! *hi 5* Candies!! Except the position of the bandaid is not really correct. But tis all good, yesung suits the emo look like a second shell lol

    And Teuk is sooo hot here. The “CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR BABIES” HOT hahaha, while, Sungmin is the “WILL YOU PLEASE MARRY ME” HOT lol

  6. ooooooh…. o.O
    they look really good!
    aha, hyuk’s brown eyeliner is also really noticable…
    lol, i use brown eyeliner too, hyuk… <3
    sungmin is so sexy!!! but i liked his aeygo concept better… like a little boy
    i liked teukie’s “palm tree” a lot, but his hair this time is <3 as well.

  7. omgg. (x yesung looks so good. <3
    &of course everyone else. ;D
    didnt some suju members have a emo-ish photoshoot before or somethin?

  8. Querubin:

    I love how they got rid of his poo hair :P

    Anan ^___^

    Vending machine:
    I didn’t notice the bandaid…..

    What about Hyuk? What kind of hot is he? :P

    Really? I prefer emo Sungmin :P

    Are you talking about the Vogue photoshoot they did?

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