Posted by: lovediaries | July 20, 2008

The Singles 8th Edition feat. SHINee

{credit: as tagged; tinateukbum @ shineeforums}

I’ve never heard of this magazine…but it doesn’t matter because the SHINee boys are looking GOOD <33 This shoot is interesting because a couple are really gorgeous while the others are really HILARIOUS!!!

I love the ones of them in suits because they look dressed for a wedding and Key looks really sexy in the black shirt + white vest combo. Onew looks like a runaway groom ahaha who is being dragged away by Jonghyun xDDD

The other pictures, however, are REALLY FUNNY. In the one where they’re running up the stairs, CHECK OUT ONEW’S HAIR!!!! I’m surprised they published that picture because his hair is BOOF and Jonghyun looks really high XD. But then again, I see COLLARBONES! And a lot of it :DD

The ones of them sitting on the steps are really funny too. I’m seriously not being biased when I say that Key looks best because I can’t actually see what Jonghyun is wearing, Taemin has no socks with his shoes, Onew looks like he has one arm and one leg and I can see up Minho’s shorts Minho’s outfit makes me LOL.


  1. I DO love the first one, because it’s just too gorgeous. They need more photoshoots like this and NOT like Vogue o.o

  2. i like the shoot. they look comfy in it. hahaha. and btw, they performed love should go on on tablo’s radio show.. here’s the link if you want to watch XXD:

    cr: krabbypattie

  3. CupCake
    Haha lol do you mean not like ELLE? In the Vogue shoot they wore the suits <333

    Ohh thank you for letting us know!! Except I can’t watch videos atm, argh. I can’t wait for them to perform this at SMTown Concert though ^^

  4. Number one, you are so creepy. “I can see up Minho’s shorts.” The line through it does not rid of that. :DD I thought Jonghyun was totally worth me being creepy and bringing the Tohoshinki tour binoculars to stalk him with in this photoshot.

    Number two (the sole reason for me rushing here lmao), OMFG. Is it weird that Shinee looks better than me in uniform?

    School of rock is going to be so funny. There are more of Taemin and my first thought was, “Oh no, now the bowl cut is going to be the new thing for girls to!”
    Taemin –

  5. ^Number one, you’re not supposed to say I’m creepy T_T You’re supposed to say “Hey! Me too!” xPP And you do creepy things too so we’re even :D

    And argh have you heard what goes on on School of Rock?? I’m so jealous of all those girls ;_______; And I don’t think I’m excited for the reality tv show anymore. I’ll probably start crying when I watch it XDD

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